A Witch

by Jack Sorenson
(Los Gatos Cal.)

The Old Gray Manor


This happens quite frequently in the making of legends in small towns, after all, who really believes, that some old mans disgruntle tales, of his family home; being haunted by his dead father-murder would be real in fact, become so real, it changed the whole out look, of the old manor, that he lived. Now to so many other onlookers of the surrounding area during that time frame, of life the manors family life span endured the neighboring streets views saw a much wickeder view of the old the Old Gray Manor.

Parker last survivor in that old dwelling which spun the tale of the ghost witch that drew him out of his family home and drove him to go mad in the end of his life of only 88 years old.

Sadly placed in a nut house in the neighboring city to Los Gatos. William Parker last survivor of the parkers Ranch sat all those years muttering to himself about a witch of all things called Bloody Mary. The family best known for growing peaches the tress littered the landscape by the mile. The old man Parker senior so named Chester Bradley Parker the first family you see was very wealthy at that time.

Some people of this good town say the last family survivor the youngest boy William was mad already living in fear trapped inside of that spooky old place by the dried creek bed of Ross creek in the friendly town of Los Gatos. No school in town had any recorders of this boy gone to any schools in this town he was never seen in the family photos or even seen with the workmen trimming the fruit tress back in the day. Some say it was the only way his father could protect him against the ghost witch he knew to haunt there dwelling. No records of a living son to the manor then he may gone un notices by Bloody Mary touched rampage that went on inside.

Time forgotten old building left abandon old man Parker and his son just a old myth too so many in the 1800’s-The summers droughts and winters heavy storms come filling up the dry creek bed removing the entire garage pile left by those that couldn’t find a garbage can near by lazy people that passed by over atop the bridge running far away when the manor came into there view. Streets with new modern homes close to eye shot to the Old Gray Manor always kept there curtains closed just on the side of the home that faced the old spooky place.

Mother Natures winters rain storms made the creek nice and clean even the fish and ducks came back to play under the old bridge that led you toward the haunted old manor view three hundred yards away.

Legends require embellishments, personal touches added by each orator who passes it along to new ears, trying to keep it interesting, and ultimately keep it alive well two children spun and new one when they went down on there dare last Friday Halloween 2011.

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Jessica and her older brother Jason

Accordingly, the tale of what transpired on that fateful night in Gray Manor in the moron time of 2011 has as many different twists as it has had tellers. The two children Jessica and Jason had told one story of there freighting adventure that would in the end drive you to madness too only believe in what they had to tell of that one night when they went in the Gray Manor and stayed longer than anyone else ever had.

In anyone’s wildest imagines of spooky homes or huge old creepy manors- the day before howler-wean eve Jess was so tired of herring recounts of bravery broadcast in every period of school. True life altering events, from there time in a dare at the Gray Manor by each social group that dared huddle during recesses or lunch to tell of there faithful frights. Lies Jessica new better living the closes to the old Parkers place her and her brother haven’t seen nearly as half of them in the area accordable so much over serious boosted. It all became truth when they meet the Parkers ghost witch and she happens to be Bloody Mary that became a reality not just a spooky old myth.

Chapter One.

Who’s hiding in the dark in an Old Gray Manor of one of Los Gatos most famous haunts?

Somewhere, between the heydays of the old run down Gray Manor that was never bought or remodeled since its last occupant remained as resident the Parker family.

It shadowed statured sat to be as it was a run down spooky old manor in a small town down by a creek bed were now many children’s stories have been told were Scary Mary hid inside its decade relict. Do ledges die when the daylight appears during the day? Or do the horrifying scary tails come alive only when its Howling winds bring them forward only on a Halloween eve to Los Gatos California a story was brought out to come alive too two children.

As the preferred gathering place for Los Gatos California effete elite back in the eighteen hundreds and its current status as its now a run-down dwelling—as in for all those kids that grew up in town; they know of the legion as the hosted Dared place to be. The old Gray Manor, down by the Ross creek.

Many children have stood onto the old wooden bridge swearing they alone been inside the Old Gray Manor too many have just only boosted out a pack of lies to there friends. That they had gone inside and conjured the famous witch Scary Mary and lived to tell the tail of there near death experiences.

I dare you was the game many generations had played out on a worm summer night –what came really into play was that special night on after Trick-or-treating is a customary celebration for children on Halloween. Children go out in scary costumes some are most freighting in fact some are so freighting that they could even resemble the walking dead going from house to house, seeking candy treats and then some friends would gather afterwards at the old bridge that sat over Ross creek in town and would dare another to run down and stepped up the stairs on the front porch of the Old Gray Manor and open the creaky old front door and walk inside to chant the three time it took to bring out a most famous witch- Yes, Scary Mary. Many were just dared to throw a rock hitting a window a side board and hoping to awake a ghost if they were lucky enough. For the younger children it were too just run down pass the porch and touch the old Gray place and yell Mary you don’t scare me at all—A run back with your scary tale in what you heard or may have saw Mary’s freighting scared face appear in the window.

There was a miscommunication in stories told some kids would down out lie, in what they saw, or herd –whom ever was the braves to go inside and to stay awhile will only prove they were known as the braves of then all. The Old Gray place in Los Gatos just another rundown haunted house or a place that can make you go completely mad after seeing Scary Mary special, when she might have the chance too catch you by the scruff of your neck, and pull you in close and eat off your face.

Bloody Mary was a popular spin to what to do while in the Old Gray Manor. The most common story told is that Mary Worth was a witch that lived over 100 years ago who dabbled in the black arts to her legions rising in fame and too her demises dealing in the Dark Arts to Magic no one ever heard of. She was found out and executed if anyone could stay more than a few minutes to call her name out the three times it took to summon her inside the manor that is if anyone had ever gone in that is.

The older kids bragged of the chanting game is based on mixed up legends and history that over the years have become the main basis for the story.

Many stories surrounding the urban legend Bloody Mary was alive with the two men that was the last of the Parkers family were hung by a magical willing hand from Mary’s dark magic by themselves in the old manor attic were the spirit of Mary that haunted the Old Gray Manor rested today gathering more strength she will need to get you to come inside. Today to all was just a scary old place parents told there children of there dares when they were young to led the next generation to come up with more adapted ones to out do all the others stories that are out there.

Forgotten but the mist teak of the Old Gray Manor being Haunted lives on now to this day. It’s your turn to go inside and say the name Mary three times…Scary Mary …Scary Mary…Scary Mary, come out to play!

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