Hello there, in this page I would love for you to know the face behind the words and tell why I created this website and why it's so important your help to pass the word of it:

My name it's Roberto, I was born in Mexico, and down there my childhood was beautiful, specially the moments I spent with my grandma. She was a person full of light and wisdom, and one of the many things she told me and I'll always remember was: "Never forget your roots, past and traditions, or you will lose your identity".

Her way to always keep my culture fresh in my mind, was tell me stories every night while we were sitting outside in the front porch every night, legends about her hometown, why I should never be at this place at midnight, why that mountain had that shape, why at this bridge you could always hear the cry of a baby... Well, all these stories started my hunger fore legends, so I started to read every book I could find about legends and myths, so I could know more about my culture, my surroundings and my ancestors.

When I was looking for a career and go to college, I had so many books and knew so many stories, that I decided to study something that could let me share all these information, so I decided to go for recreation and tourism. Thanks to my last paper that talked about legends and myths as touristic attractions, I got a job at the Secretary of Tourism in my hometown organizing tours around the city that has as main attraction different point in the city related to legends.

Few years passed by and for family issues I had to come to the U.S. I noticed that not too many people knew legends or myths, and how technology was absorbing everyone, I know makes life easier but I rarely saw people reading actual books, finally technology found its way to me and I lost interest on books, and learn new legends and stories.

In 2007, my grandmother passed away, it was one of the hardest things I ever went through, and then it hit me... All of her stories she used to tell me left with her, no one would never heard them anymore, I could not let that happen, so I started to gather legends and myths not just from my grandma, or hometown, but from around the world and write a book, but like I said before, not too many people read books, so if I wanted to reach a lot of people, I would have to use the internet and create a website.

Doing some research, I learned about SBI!, after some time reading their website, I knew this was the only way for me to create my website, and reach millions of people (or at least thousand ha). SBI! gives you the tools you need to appear on the top places on the search engines without you breaking your head against the wall!, click for more info on these tools.

Thanks to SBI! I've created this site, they gave me the tools and technical support so I could concentrate in what I love, learn and share all these stories, plus I make some extra income doing it as a plus!!. If I turn my passion into cash, so can you and SBI! will be there to give you a hand, if you have more questions about SBI! just watch the video below, it takes a few minutes and believe me, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

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As a last favor, please tell your friends and family about and help to keep our culture and story alive. Lets not forget who we are!!!.