The Ainu Creation myth says that at the beginning of time, the world was just a quagmire, and nothing could live in.In the dark, foggy and hanging sides of the lower skies, lived the demons. In the high skies which bared the stars and the high sides of the clouds was occupied by the lower Gods. In the highest of the skies lived Kamui, the creator God along with his servants. His realm was surrounded by a mighty metal wall with a big iron gate as the only entrance.

Ainu Creation Myth

Kamui made this world as a vassal round ocean located on the backbone of a giant trout. This fish sucked in the ocean and spits it out again creating the tides, and every time it moves, an earthquake was created.

One day Kamui looked down on the watery world and thought in make something of it. He sent down a water wagtail to do the work. When the bird arrived and saw all the mess, it was at its wit's end to know what to do.

However, by fluttering over the waters with it's wings and trampling the sand with it's feet and beating it with it's tail, created dry land. In this way islands were raised to float upon the ocean. And even today, the waigtail is still doing his work, beating the ground with it's tail.

When Kamui created the world, the devil tried to corrupt it. One morning the devil got up and wait with his mouth open to try and swallow the sun. Kamui saw this and to stop it, he sent a crow to fly down the devil's throat to make him choke.

The world was so beautiful, that when all the animals that lived up in the skies saw it, they begged Kamui to let them live on it, and he accepted. But besides the animals, Kamui created more beings for the new world. The first people, the Ainu, had bodies earth, hair of chickenweed and spines made from sticks of willow. The Kamui sent Aioina, the Divine Man to teach the Ainu to hunt and cook.

And this is the Ainu Creation Myth.

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