The Ancient Greek Myths has always fascinated everyone all around the world, there is something magical in them that pulls our interest and we always want more and more of them. But first let me tell you a little about the Greek myths:

Ancient Greek Myths

The Greek mythology has a big influence on our culture, arts and literature. At first these stories were passed in an oral way (told from person to person), but later they used representational ways to preserve it, using vases, paints, murals, drawings on plates,poems, etc. The oldest source of stories we know it's on the epic poem "The Odyssey".

The ancient Greek myths tried to give an explanation about the origin of the world, which was something they never understood and wanted to know the answer. In the myths, the Gods and Goddesses represented something from the nature, being The Olympians the most powerful Gods, worshiped by all the Greeks.

Beside explaining the origin of all that was around them, the ancient Greek myths told the lives and adventures of all the Gods and the Goddesses, mystical creatures and heroes (usually the last ones were fathered by Gods).

The Greek mythology can be separated in three ages:

  1. AGE OF THE GODS: This is the era in which the creation happened and the Gods did not interacted with humans.
  2. AGE OF GODS AND HEROES: The Gods had contact with humans during this age.
  3. AGE OF HEROES: The Gods had no contact at all with the humans and it's mostly adventures of the Heroes that are told during this age.

There was also a time in which the Greek myths were in danger to disappear, thanks to the rise of Philosophy, which tried retold the stories without the supernatural or divine acts, but thanks to the work of various poets who worked hard to create poems based on the myths, this did not happen.

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