The Aphrodite myths describe her as the Goddess of beauty, sexuality and love. Her personality was soft, weak but at the same time destructive to men for her beauty. There are two Aphrodite myths that speak about her birth: One says that she is the daughter of Zeus and Dione, the other that when Cronus cut off Uranus genitals, he threw them to the sea, and after some time, the genitals started to create foam and Aphrodite was born from this foam, floating on a scallop shell.

Aphrodite Myths

She was the wife of the God Hephaestus as a promise to him from Hera, this was because when she gave birth to Hephaestus, she threw him out of Olympus for being deformed, as revenge he gave his mother a magical throne, but when she sat on it, she could not get up. To free her, Hephaestus asked Aphrodite as a wife, and it was granted. Another version says that Zeus was afraid that Aphrodite's beauty would be reason for wars among the Gods, so decided to marry her to Hephaestus.

You can find on the Aphrodite myths some interesting names that were her lovers, just to name a few of them are:

  • Adonis: When he was born, was left without a mother, Aphrodite felt sorry for him, and put him inside of a box, which she gave to Persephone to take care of it. He grew up as a handsome man and when Aphrodite returned for him, Persephone refused to let him go, starting a fight.
    Zeus himself step forward and decided that Adonis would stay four months of the year with Aphrodite, four months with Persephone and the other four with whoever he decided (obviously he picked Aphrodite).
  • Ares: She was the lover of the God of War, but when Hephaestus knew, he crafted an invisible net and when the unfaithful Gods had another sexual encounter, Hephaestus trapped them using the net, then he called all the Gods of Olympus so they could see them. Aphrodite gave birth to Phobos, Deimos, Adrestia, Harmonia, Eros, Anteros, Himeros and Puthos, due to his relationship with Ares.
  • Dionysus: She also had an affair with this God, but this made Hera furious, and cursed Dionysus and Aphrodite's baby, Priapus to be horribly ugly. Also Aglaea, Thalia, and Euphrosyne were born from this relationship.
  • Hermes: With the help of Zeus, Hermes was able to seduce Aphrodite and from this union Tyche and Hermaphrodite were born.
  • Poseidon: Because she was thankful for the support he gave her after she was discover with Ares, she accepted to be his lover, she bore him with Herophilos and Rhodos.

You can also find on the Aphrodite myths that she had a big part on the beginning of the Trojan War: It all started during the ceremony to marry Peleus and Thetis, they invited all the Gods and Goddesses, all but Eris (Goddess of Discordia), but she showed up anyway, carrying a golden apple with the phrase "To the fairest one" on it.

Aphrodite, Hera and Athena claimed the golden apple to themselves, but when they could not resolve this, decided to ask Zeus for a solution. Zeus did not wanted to favor any of the Goddesses, so he asked Paris for help. The three Goddesses tried to bribe Paris, Hera with Asia Minor, while Athena offered him wisdom, but he ultimately pick Aphrodite when she promised him the most beautiful woman to Paris as his wife, that woman was Helen of Troy, she allowed Paris to kidnapped Helena, and with this, the Trojan War started.

Probably the most known myth that speaks about Aphrodite's soft side, says that one day she felt sorry for the sculptor Pygnalion because he never found love. One night Aphrodite came to his dreams and showed him the sweetness of love. When Pygnalion woke up, he started to work on a sculpture based on the beauty of the Goddess, and he called her Galatea. He felt in love with the sculpture and prayed to Aphrodite to give life to it, flattered for this, she granted Pygnalion's wishes.

On the Aphrodite myths, the cities that were favor by Aphrodite were Cythera and Cyprus (it was believed she emerged from the sea near this city), She was linked to the Myrtle and her sacred animals were the sparrow, swan and dove.

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