In the Athena Myth, she is the Goddess of wisdom, reason, justice and skill, also protectress of the civilized life, handicraft and agriculture. She was the favorite daughter of Zeus, because she was born from him:

Athena Myth

The Athena myth that speaks about her birth, tell us that Zeus had an affair with the Titan Metis, and they had various sexual encounters. One day Zeus knew about a prophecy that said that the children born from this relation would be greater than Zeus himself.

To stop this he swallowed Metis, but it was too late because she was pregnant already, the Titan gave birth to Athena inside of Zeus. One day Zeus complained to Hephaestus of headaches and asked him to open his head, when he did it, Athena came out fully armed from Zeus' head. Another version says that Hephaestus raped Erechteus and Athena was born from it.

Athena hated to fight, and only did it if there was a good cause or to solve a conflict, unlike her half brother Ares, who was the rude and violent side of battle, she was the strategic side of war. Most of the time she was the deity who guided the heroes to victory on their tasks, some myths of Athena helping these heroes are:

  • Helped Perseus to kill Medusa and get her head.
  • She told Heracles to skin the Nemean Lion using the Lion's own claws.
  • Guided Heracles around the Underworld to capture the dog Cerberus and defeated the Stymphalian Birds.
  • She gave Odysseus positive thoughts to help him through his journey from Troy to his home.

Sadly there is also a myth talking about an attempt of rape, professedly Hephaestus tried to do it, but she talked him into stop, and his semen fell on the earth, getting Gaia pregnant, giving birth to Erichthonius. Athena decided to raise the baby herself. She put the baby inside of a box and asked the three sisters Pandrosis, Herse and Aguaulus to take care of the box until her return, but she did not tell them what was inside. Agualus and Herse did not resist the curiosity and opened the box, they saw Erichthonius on the form of a serpent, who made two of the sister to throw themselves off the Acropolis.

Another of the Athena myth says that she transformed Medusa into a monster: turning her hair into snakes, her lower body was transformed in the shape of a serpent and cursing her gaze, which turned every living creature in stone, as punishment for have sex with Poseidon inside of her temple.

The owl was her sacred animal, the olive tree and Athens were also related to her as well, the myth behind it says that Poseidon and herself were asked to give Athens a present, and that way a sacred deity would be chosen to protect and be praised by the city; Poseidon gave them water that came from the middle of the city, but was salty and the city could not find a good use for it, meanwhile Athena created the first olive Tree, winning the city this way.

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