The Aztec creation myth has some variations, most likely was changed as time passed by, most of the versions have the same basic plots and components, next it's the most complete version , the myth of the 5 suns:

Aztec Creation Myth

In the beginning there was nothing but a void, nothing existed, in that void the Dual God Ometeotl (also know as Ometecuhtli), Omecihuatl,or the Oldest God), created himself/herself. Ometeotl is called Dual God because He/She is male/female, bad/good, chaosd/order.

When Ometeotl created himself/herself, it was the beginning, since he/she was also able to create and destroy, he generated ollin (Sacred Movement) to impulse everything.

Ometeutl then gave birth to four children that came to represent the four directions: Tezcatlipoca (North), Huizilopochtli (South), Quetzalcoatl (East) and Xipe Totec (West). After they were burn, they started to create things.

As they started the creations, they found a problem, all of their creations would fall into the void of nothing, and got eaten by the dragon/serpent Cipactli, who carried on her body the whole universe.

The Aztec creation myth says that the four Gods decided that they wouldn't let their creations being destroyed by Cipactli and decided to kill her. During the attack Cipactli ate Tezcatlipoca's foot, but finally Cipactli was destroyed.

The Gods then pulled Cipactli's body in the four directions, setting the universe within her body free, from her head was created the thirteen heavens, her tail formed the Underworld, her middle body formed Earth, from her eyes were created caves and fountains. Flowers, plants and tyrees came from her hair, rivers from her mouth, hills and valleys came from her nose and shoulder created mountains, and more Gods were created as well.

But something was missing, the Gods thought,and that something was the Sun, but the Sun couldn't just be created, it could only come from the sacrifice of a God, Tezcatlipoca being the chosen one, the Aztec creation myth says.

But Tezcatlipoca was not strong enough and became only half Sun. During this age (First Sun age), the Gods, using ashes created giants and fed them with acorns.

After some years, Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl got into a fight, being the Sun knocked out at the end, as revenge, Tezcatlipoca sent jaguars to kill all of the giants.

The Second Sun, was Quetzalcoatl, during the Age of this Sun, humans were created and they lived on piñon nuts. Sadly all the calm just lasted for a few years. People started to become corrupt, and as punishment (or maybe revenge against Quetzalcoatl), Tezcatlipoca turned all humans into monkeys. Full of anger, Quetzalcoatl sent a hurricane that blew the monkeys away.

Another God that turned into Sun was Tlaloc, God of rain and water, but the Age of this Sun came to an end, again thanks to Tezcatlipoca. He stole Xochiquetzal (Tlaloc's wife), for this reason he refused to send any more rain.

The people beg for rain and drought started to swept Earth, still griffing, Tlaloc made rain fire, burning naway the world, and the Gods decided to replaced him.

The Age of the Fourth Sun started when the Goddess Calchiuhtlicue (Tlaloc's sister) was chosen, this made Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca jealous, and they struck her down the sky.

When Calchiuhtlicue was falling down, the Aztec creation myth says, water came down from the sky and flooded the Earth, destroying everything, leaving the world in darkness.

During the Fourth Age, more Gods were created and when the Sun felt, all the new and old Gods got together to chose which God should be the new Sun.

The God Tecuciztecatl (Son of Tlaloc and Chalchiuhtlicue) offered himself, but at the last minute, he got scared to jump into the sacred fire, so teh Gods picked the humble God Nanahuatzin.

When Nanahuatzin jumped, he was the most impressive Son of all, making Tecuciztecatl jealous, who also jumped right after Nanahuatzin, creating two Suns on the East.

The world was too bright and hot because of the two Suns, so the Gods threw a rabbit to Tecuciztecatl's face, his light dim and became the Moon.

Also, the Gods noticed that Nanahuatzin was too weak, and he was motionless, so they gave him their own blood, so he could have the energy for him to travel through the sky.

Thanks to the Aztec creation myth,now you know that when you look up to the sky, you are watching the humble God Nanahuatzin, the Fifth Sun.

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