This Egyptian God, also know as Baba and carried the titles of "Master of Darkness", "Guardian of the Sky" and "Bull (or Alpha Male) of the Baboons".


He is a deification of the Baboon, this is because this animal was consider to be very aggressive, just like Babi's nature, who was a bloodthirsty being, and an Underworld Deity.

References to him are found in pyramids texts as old as from the Old Kingdom, in which he was described as "Red of Ear and Purple of Hindquarters".

Was believed he was the first son of Osiris and close friend of Seth. These Gods, among with Shu and Re, were the rulers of Underworld, where he used to stand by a lake of fire, which represented destruction.

One of his duties, was to devour the souls of the unrighteous, after they were weighed against Ma'at (the Egyptian concept of order/truth). He also controlled darkness and his erect penis could open Heaven's doors.

This God was worshiped with a mixture of fear, respect, hope and awe, thanks to his violent mood, and for his virility. His name was used to protect against murders, control turbulent waters and ward off dangers.

Beside of his name being used on protecting spells, males would pray to him, because was believed he would help them with their sexual abilities in the Netherworld, for this, in some texts he is referred as "God of Virility of the Dead".

Some books say that he was able to summon minion baboons, and that he used to kill people and live on their entrails.

He is usually represented with an erection, and his penis was the mast of the ferry, which convened the righteous to Aaru (series of islands), while other times as a seated baboon with a heavy mane, dog-like muzzle, with a prominent erect penis, that indicated his virility.

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