The Bakuba creation myth says that darkness was over the earth which was nothing but water, Mbombo, The White Giant, ruled over this chaos. One day he felt a terrible pain in his stomach and vomited the sun, the moon and the stars. The sun shone fiercely and the water steamed up in clouds, creating dry land. Mbombo felt sick one more time, vomiting again, this time trees came out of his stomach, also came animals, people, the first man and woman, the leopard, the eagle, the falling star, the anvil, the monkey Fumu, the firmament, medicine, lightning and many other things.

Bakuba Creation Myt

The lady of the waters, Nchienge, lived in the east waters. She had a son called Woto and a daughter called Labama. Woto was the first kings of the Bushongo (Bakuba), and he decided to move to the west with all of his children. He dyed his skins color black, changed their language using a medicine on everyone's tongues. Later on, people blamed Woto for marry her sister, making him withdraw along with his followers.

After lots of days walking, he found a perfect spot in the desert, where Woto blew his horn and out of the sand, many trees grew creating a big forest, which still stands near Salamudimu, founding there his own nation called Bakuba, changing one more time his language, this time using a perforation in their tongues.

One day, a man was walking in the forest, when he ran into the monkey Fumu, who was licking a palm wine, the man killed the monkey Fumu, making the Leopard furious, and in this rage he killed the man. This was the origin of the war between the animals and the people, The only animal who stayed with the humans was the Goat, being this the reason why leopards kill goats.

And this is the Bakuba Creation Myth

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