Balete Drive legends are well know. This is a long street that connects E. Rodriguez and N. Domingo Avenues in the city of New Manila, Quezon City. The corner of Balete Drive and E. Rodriguez is a bustling area that has fast food restaurants and other establishments.

Balete Drive Legends

The ghosts stories and legends are traced back to the 19650's, being the most popular the "White Lady" that haunts the avenue, and it seems to haunt cab drivers in particular.

All of the scary stories have went through the years, many of them claiming that they saw the mysterious lady. Another legends and stories of the Balete Drive are: spirit kingdoms, creatures and haunted houses.

Some of the legends talk about a tentacled, gargantuan Balete tree, that was used to stand in the middle of the road. Legend says that one night, a cab driver picked up a beautiful girl and raped her, and since that night, the stories of the "White Lady" started to circulate.

Some people believed that the ghosts stories started because a reporter had no interesting news to tell, while other say that the legends started as a school project on how fast and how far can extend rumors.

Another interesting legends says that the trees located in the Balete Drive are haunted, and that evil spirits live inside them. Another people think that a mysterious kingdom that no one can see are inside them. Another mythical creatures that people thinks you can see in here are Dwende (Philippines elves), Kapre (Smoking Giants), Diwatas (fairies) and Malign.

In Balete Drive you can also find at least three haunted houses. The old mansions are believed to be the home of evil spirits of the past owners. Legend says that the owners never left the mansions to no one, so they would not be given to the poor people of the city,becoming vacant for many years.

Even on these days, all these Balete Drive legends are a part of the Philippine folklore, and even a movie was made based on all of them.

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