Bathala Myths describe him as the Supreme God of the Tagalogs, he is also called Bathalang Maykapal, creator of men, Earth and King of the Diwatas. His name came from the Sanskrit word "Bhatarra" (noble or great).

Bathala Myth

He was loving towards those who kept his commandments and paid him homage, but unforgiving towards sinners and punish them wiht his thunder and lightning.

No ones knows for sure where he came from, but there are a few explanations and beliefs, some people believed he just appeared out of nowhere, some say he was heralded by flood, others that he was born from a strong earthquake and announced his power to the world.

Some Bathala myths portray him as the father of Apolaki, the God of the Sun, Mayari, Goddess of the moon, Hannan, Goddess of morning, and Tala, Goddess of the stars, which he fathered when in one of his visits to Earth, felt in love with a mortal woman.

Since there are different racial backgrounds on the Philippines, there are different versions of the Creation myths in which Bathala takes part, some of them are:

  • In the beginning three Gods lived in the Universe, Bathala, caretaker of Earth, the serpent Ulilang Kaluluwa on the skies and the winged God Galang Kaluluwa. One day the serpent visited Earth, where he met Bathala, but the serpent was not happy about this, and challenged Bathala to decided who would rule the Universe.

    After three days of fight, Bathala won and burned the serpent's body. Later on Galang Kaluluwa came to Earth and became good friend with Bathala. One day the winged God got sick and died, not before asking Bathala to bury him on the same spot that he burned the serpent. From this spot, a coconut tree grew, letting know Bathala that he should strat creating life on Earth.
  • Another myth says that Bathala, Amihan (North Wind) and Aman Sinaya (Goddess of sea) where created from the collision of sky and earth, and they all divided Earth and rule it together.
  • One more myths says that Bathala and his wife Lakapati lived in the heavens, and even tho he tried to hide it fro n Lakapati, she could see that Bathala felt his life empty. And so, using a banana blossom and some clay, she created a ball of clay for Bathala to give it shape. Bathala gave the ball rivers and mountains while Lakapati put seeds so plants and trees could grow. Then Lakapati placed Earth on the sky, finishing it this way.

Another Of the Bathala myths that speak of the creation, says that he created the rest of the Gods using the gems he found on Earth. When the Spaniards arrived to the islands, they associated Bathala with the Christian God.

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