Black Agnes is a statue located in a cemetery in West Virginia, she is a very famous statue of a seated lady, with her hands outstretched. Is believed to be in the memory of Felix Agnus (1839-1925), a General from the Civil War.

Black Agne

Another version of the legend behind this statue (and most popular) says that in this grave, lies a woman who died from a broken heart, but let me tell you why is this statue famous:

One of the legends says that at midnight, if you dare to look at her eyes, they will burn bright red and then they will turn you blind, or even kill you with her gaze, but there is another legend.

A teenager girl it's in a slumber party with her girlfriends playing truth or dare, when one of her friends dare her to go to the cemetery and sit on Black Agnes' lap. The young girl accepts the challenge and makes her way to the cemetery.

After some hours, she never made it back to the party, all of the girls thought she got afraid and just went to her home, and all of them decided to call it a night and went to sleep.

The next morning all of the girls had to walk in front of the graveyard to go to school and noticed that one of the shoes of their friend outside and decided to see what happened. When they got to the statue, they screamed in horror when they saw their friend dead, laying on the arms of the statue.

There are various versions of this legend as I said before, sometimes is a girl that has to sit on the statue's lap as a sorority initiation dare, other version says that the girl is a descendant from the woman's fiance, and she finally had her revenge.

Also in some versions of the legend says that on the body of the dead girl, were found marks that looks if she was held by a superhuman clutch. But the legend of the killer statue its not only based on Black Agnes. There are various statues around the world that share the same legend, all of them having as an end, that the girl is found dead on the arms of the statue.

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