The Black cat legend explain why is bad luck when a black cat crosses your path, but the Philippine's black cat legend of why is this, also gives us a moral lesson:

Black Cat Legen

A long time ago, in a village, was a boy that had a very dark skin. This boy was always in trouble and he was not very popular with the villagers for this, specially because he ued to steal from them all of their possessions.

No one in the village knew nothing about the boy, all they knew was all of their items started to disappear when he came into the village. The villagers grew tired of the boy's actions, so they decided to get together and punish him.

The whole village agreed to punish him with a spell and make him crawl in his four, so he would beg for forgiveness, but not to get any. But for the villagers to know that this new creature is the boy, had to be unsightly and would carry the stigma of being a bad luck charm.

After a few days when the spell was done, all the people started to see a black cat walking around, and everyone knew that saw it, would shooed the black cat off.

Another superstition in the Phillipine, says that if you kill a black cat on a Good Friday at midnight, bury it, and in the following year, you have to exhume it at that same day and time, the remains of the cat will have magical powers.

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