Bloody Mary is a ghost or witch from the Western folklore which supposedly appears on a mirror if you say her name three times in front of it. There are different versions in how call her. But first lets learn the origin of this urban legend.

Bloody Mary

Some researchers believe that the legend its based on the life of the Queen Mary I, because all of her false pregnancies and the induced miscarriages. Another queen related to the legend is Mary I of England, also called "Bloody Mary", who killed young girls to bathe on their blood to preserve her youthful appearance.

Nowadays, and following the traditions of urban legends, people says that this spirit is the one of a child-murderer that lived on the local city, sometimes there is even a tombstone on the local graveyard linked to this woman.

Other people says she is the spirit of a mother whose baby was stolen, and she became crazy and killed herself. Another version says she was wrongfully of kill her own children.

The "game" of calling the spirit, is usually a test of courage, usually practiced by girls on sleepovers, to call her, there are various ways to call her, just go in front of a mirror and then:

  • Chant her name three times at midnight, rubbing one's eye while the water its running.
  • Say her name three times while holding a lit candle.
  • Scream at the mirror "Bloody Mary, I killed your baby!"

Once you summon her, she will appear on the mirror, no one knows what she will do to you, probably she will kill you ripping off your face, scratch your eyes out, or cut off your head, sometimes she will drag you inside the mirror to be with her.

But what if she doesn't kill you? Don't feel too lucky, because she will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Another version says that if you call her name 13 times at midnight in front of a mirror, she will appear and will let you call a dead person to talk to until 12:08 a.m., at that time both the spirits will vanish.

Also, she will show your future about children and marriage, if you don't look directly to the spirit, but at her image on the mirror.

So, do you dare to call her? If you do, let us know by leaving a comment on our facebook page.

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