The legend of the Bunny Man Bridge says that during the days of the Civil War, it was built an asylum in Virginia, creating an outburst in the towns around the area, making the institution to be closed down. During the process of transferring the inmates to another asylums, some of them managed to escape and the hid in the woods and forest around the area, some of them were very dangerous and delusional.

Bunny Man Bridge

Some of these inmates were Douglas Griffen and Marcus Lawster, while the police were looking for them, they found a trail of mutilated bunnies that led into the woods to a tunnel bridge crossing a creek.

In the entrance of the tunnel was found Marcus hanging, and attached to his dead body was a note that read:

"You will not find me, no matter how hard you try" and it was signed by the Bunny Man.

The legend says that if you are brave enough and go to the tunnel around midnight, the Bunny Man will grab you, kill you and hang you from the entrance of the tunnel. I must add that some strange cases has happened in the bridge, some of them happened in Halloween night, when three teenagers, a young woman and two men were found hanging from the entrance, and all of them had a note signed by the Bunny Man. Also in 2001, six local students went to the bridge to look for the truth about the Bunny Man, but left the forest when found various mutilated bunnies and saw a strange shadow around the forest.

And this is the Legend of The Bunny Man Bridge.

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