One of the worst fears a person could have, has give origin to the being buried alive urban legend: Some years ago, there was an old lady that was very ill for some time , finally passing away, leaving devastated to her family, specially her husband of many, many years.

Buried Alive Legend

Even tho the doctor told everyone that she was dead, her husband kept insisting that she was alive, after a small struggle, the family was able to take him away from his wife's body, so she could be prepared for the burial.

Back in those days, the burial plots were very simple, the body was not preserved in any way and was put inside the coffin. While everything still was getting ready for her burial, the husband kept saying that his wife was being still alive inside the coffin.

Finally the husband was given some pills and put on bed, in the meantime his wife's burial was taking place. Later that night, the husband woke up to a nightmare of his wife trying to scratch her way out of the coffin.

He called the doctor and beg him for the exhumation of his wife's body and he explained his nightmare. The doctor refused to do this, and the poor husband had the same nightmare all week, and all week he pledged to the doctor to see her wife's body and make sure she was not buried alive.

The doctor finally gave in and called the authorities, so they could remove the coffin from the ground and open it. When the coffin was open, everyone saw in horror how the nails of the woman were bent back, and there were scratches inside of the coffin.

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