The Canton Ghost Girl legend is a sad story: This happened in Canton, PA, back in 1900. There was an old train track located on top of a regular cave in the town of Canton. It was not too often for the train to pass in here. One day a little girl decided she was a big girl now and went to got for a ride in her bike by herself. When she got to these train track, thought the tracks looked flat enough for her to ride on them, and decided to do it.

Canton Ghost Girl

She went faster and faster over all the bumps, when suddenly she heard a whistle and turned her head, and that was when she hit a rock and fell off her bike, skinning her knees and starting to cry. Again the whistle sounded but this time closer, the girl then tried to get up but she couldn't, her dress was stuck in the tracks, she tried really hard to pull it out but couldn't get loose.

The girl then saw that the train was really close, looking frenetically for something to help her get free, saw a broken bottle on the ground, then she grabbed it and started to saw at her dress. At the last moment her fabric gave up and she felt to the cave hitting the water.

She was barely alive and drag herself to safety, moaning for the pain, but she died. It's said that you can still hear a little girl moaning echoing in the cave, and if you are brave enough to get inside the cave at midnight, she will follow you around asking you to stay with her.

And this is the Legend of The Canton Ghost Girl.

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