The legend of the Chief Mountain says that a long time ago, there was a well know Piegan warrior for his bravery, and later he became war-chief. He felt in love with a girl and he married her. Because of his love for her, he decided not to go on war parties anymore, and they happiness was complete with the born of their baby.

Chief Mountain

Moons later, one of the war parties that left the village, was almost destroyed, surviving only four men. The war-chief was worry about this, because if the enemy was not punished, they would raid their village. So he gave a war fest, inviting all the young men of the tribe. After they ate, the war-chief talked to them:

"Friends and brothers, you've heard the story of the four survivors. All the other were killed, those were our friends and family. We who live must avenge the fallen, or else the enemy will think we are weak. I will lead a party on the warpath. Who here will go with me against the enemy?".

A party of warriors gathered around him, also his wife asked to join the party, but to ask him to stay at the village, even she threaten him with leaving him. He talked to her, and convinced her to be calm and go with the rest of the women. And then, the chief rode out of the village leading the war party.

The legend of the Chief Mountain says that the Piegans defeated their enemy, but the war-chief died, his body was carried back to the camp. His wife was crazed with grief, loosing her mind, walking everywhere with vacant eyes calling her husband. In hope that she would recover, her friends took care of her.

One day she was nowhere to be found, the people of the village looked everywhere, finally they saw her going up to the tallest mountain with her baby in her arms. The head man of the village went after her, but from the top, she signaled that nobody should try to reach her.

Everyone saw then how she threw her baby and then herself jumped over the cliff. The people buried the bodies among the rocks, then took the war-chief's body and was buried next to his family. Since that day, the mountain is known as Minnow Stahkoo (Chief Mountain or The mountain of the Chief).

People say that if you look closely, you can see the figure of a woman with a baby in her arms on the face of the mountain. The mountain its located in Glacier National Park.

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