The Chinese Creation Myth says that in the beginning, heavens and earth were still one and all was chaos. The universe was like a big black egg carrying inside Pan Gu. After 18,000 years passed Pan Gu woke up from his sleep, and feeling suffocated, took a broad ax and wielded it to crack open the egg.

Chinese Creation Myth

The light, clear part of it floated up creating the heavens, while the cold matter stayed below and created the earth. Pan Gu stood in the middle, touching the skies with his head and his feet planted in the earth.

The sky and earth grew ten feet per day, just like Pan Gu. Another 18,000 years passed and Pan Gu stood between the sky and earth, as a pillar, so they won't be close anymore.

When Pan Gu died, his breathe turn into wind and clouds, his voice into thunder, one of his eyes became the sun and the other the moon. His body and limbs were transformed into five big mountains and his blood formed the water. The roads were created from his veins and his muscle created fertile land. All the stars came from his beard and hair, while the flowers and trees were created from his skin. His marrow turned into jade and pearls, and his sweat turned into rain, which nurtured everything on earth.

And this is the Chinese Myth Of Creation.

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