The coconut tree or palm is consider on the Philippines the second national tree, also is the only one that is 100% usable (people use the fruit, leafs and the trunk). Let me tell you the Coconut tree legend.

Coconut Tre

One legend says that a long time ago, in the kingdom of Bangonansa Polangui (Kingdom by the River), used to have a kind Ruler, but the kingdom was better know for her beautiful daughter Putri Timbang-Namat.

From all over the seven seas admirers came to see Putri, but she wanted no one. When the Ruler saw all the pretenders, but not interest from her daughter, he told her:

"I want a baby boy to take my place when I die, I would love to carry him and see him before I'm gone". And so, he decided to create a contest to decided who would marry Putri.

But what the Ruler didn't know, it's that Putri met a young gardener in the Palace garden with the name of Wata-Mama. One day Wata told his past to Putri, that he was a royal descent, but that his father was killed by his uncle and he was vanished out of his kingdom when he was three. Putri answered: "We love each other, that's all matters".

One of Putri's pretenders saw her with wata and got jealous, so one night he hid on a dark corner and waited for the lovers, when he saw them walking near him, he struck Wata's head, cutting it off. Putri, fearless, picked up his lover's head.

Putri buried Wata's head and aftewr a few days she noticed a tiny plant growing on the spot the head was buried, and suddenly grew into a big tree, reaching Putri's window, also it produced a fruit of the size of a man's head.

Another version of this legend says that a long time ago, a Chamorro family that was part of the Achote tribe, had a young daughter and she was very beautiful, for this reason she had many admirers.

One day the young girl was very thirsty and she asked people for the juice of a special fruit, everyone tried to find the fruit to give to the young girl, but they couldn't find it. Sadly the girl got sick for the thirst and died.

The father, full of sorrow, took the girl's body and buried it on a hill near the village. Then he put a beautiful headstone, which was covered with flowers by the people.

One day, the villagers saw that a plant they never saw before started to grow on the girl's grave, they built a shelter to protect the plant. After some years passed by, the plant grew twenty feet tall.

The plant also had a strange fruit that grew in it and one of them felt to the floor and cracked open. The chief called the father of the girl to eat the fruit, but he didn't do it, and called the girl's mother to eat it. She did it and described the fruit as chewy and sweet.

From that day on, the plant was called coconut tree, and it became one of the most love trees of that people.

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