The corn mother legend say that when Kloskurbeh (All-Maker) lived in Earth, there were no people, until one day a young man appeared from the foam of the waves that were quickened by the wind and was given life by the Sun and called Kloskurbeh:

Corn Mothe

"Uncle, brother of my mother".

The All-Maker and the young man lived together and the young man became the Chief Helper and both created many things together. One day, when the Sun was high at noon, a beautiful girl was born from the wrath of the dew, and the Earth plant.

The girl said: "I am love, strength giver, the nourisher and provider of men and animals. Everyone loves me". When Kloskurbeh saw the maiden, he was thankful to the Great Mystery Above for sending her.

The young man and the maiden married, and became First Mother when she gave birth. Kloskurbeh teach the humans everything they had to know. After this he went to the North.

The Corn Mother legend says that after sometime, people became numerous, and they used to hunt to live. But animals started to be less and more people started to be born, and for this First Mother felt pity for them.

The children went to First Mother to ask for help because thay had no more food, making her sad. She told them to wait, while she makes food for them, but still First Mother was crying.

Her husband couldn't see her cry anymore and ask her what he could do to make her happy, and she replied: "You must kill me". The husband replied that he could never do it, and the First Mother told him that then, she will go on weeping forever.

The young man had no idea what to do and decided to go and look for help to the North, where his uncle Kloskurbeh was. The uncle told him that there was not solution, but to do as she wanted. Sad, the young man went back home.

First Mother told the young man that he had to kill her at noon the next day, after that, he should let two of her children grab her from the hair and drag her through every patch until there were no more skin on her body and bury her bones in the middle of the clearing.

She then told him to wait seven moons and then come back to find her flesh in the spot to nourish her children. Weeping, the husband killed his wife and did all that he was asked to do, and after everything was done, he left weeping.

The Corn Mother Legend says that when seven moons passed, everyone came to the spot and they found it covered with tall green plants, the fruit of the plants were sweet, but following the instructions, they didn't all of the fruit, and put many kernels into the Earth, so the spirit of First Mother would renew again every seven months.

And in the spot where First Mother's bones were buried, a new beautiful fragrant, broad-leafed plant was born, and then everyone heard a voice, First Mother's voice that said:

"Burn this plant, and smoke it, it's sacred and will clear your mind, gladden your hearts and help your prayers".

And they called the first plant SKarmunal (corn) and the second Utarmur-wayeh (tobacco). And her voice was heard again inside of their hearts:

"Take good care of First Mother' flesh, because is her goodness that became substance. Take good carer of her breath because is her love turned into smoke. And every time you eat and smoke from her, remember she gave her life for you. She is not dead, she lives and her love renews again and again.

And this is the Corn Mother Legend

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