The Crybaby Bridge legend says that in Columbus GA, around the 1800's, used to live a farm who has really poor, and his wife was expecting their fifth child. The farmer was really worry because they could barely feed the family.

Crybaby Bridge

When the day came for his wife to give birth, the farmer talked to the doctor first, then he asked the doctor to get ride of the newborn. The doctor accepted and they decided to take the baby out of the room as soon as possible and tell the wife that the baby died.

That night the doctor, with the baby in arms, went to a nearby bridge and dropped him on the side, never knowing the wife about what really happened to her baby. Now the legend says that if you go to this bridge in a full moon night and park right in the center (it's the highest point in the bridge), and sparkle some baby powder around your car, turn the engine and lights off for ten minutes, you will hear the cry of a baby, and when you get off your car, will see baby footprints in the powder.

And this is the Legend of the Crybaby Ghost Bridge.

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