Danu is one of the oldest deities in Celtic Mythology. She is the Mother of the Gods and of the Tuatha de Dannan, the first tribe that lived in Ireland, she is also their Protectress.


Little is know about her, most of her myths and stories are forgotten, just a few things are know for sure about her. The oldest record about the Goddess, was found in the Irish Lebor Gabala, from 1,000 C.E. Her name means wisdom or teacher.

This Goddess is also know as Ana, Anu, Anann, linked to the Goddess Dan, in Wales. She is the Goddess of Fertility and abundance, associated with Agriculture and Cultivation. She is consider to be an Earth Goddess, Wisdom and Wind, also wields the magic of Divine Flow.

Some historians believe that she is close to the rivers (this is the reason why the rivers Danube, Dniestr, Don and Dniper are named after her). Also she has a connection with the Fairy Hills, in some writings, she is renowned for suckling Godlets.

In some Celtic Myths, the Goddess is featured as Mother and Daughter of Dagda, in other myths, Bhe was her consort. Another sources say that Dagda and Danu were the parents of Ogma, while other think that Dian Cecht was their son.

The symbols of the Goddess Mother were air, amber, crowns, earth, fish, gold, holy stones, horses, moon, rivers, sea, seagulls and wind.

When the Roman Invasion started, and the conversion to Christianity became a reality, she was demonized as a witch that captured children to eat them.

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