The Devils alley it's a common name that was given to small transit streets, in which was believed the Devil would appear during the times of La Colonia.

Devil's Alley

This legend it's well know because most of the cities in Mexico have a street with this name, and they all have the same legend, with some small variations among them.

Back in the day, in one of the darkest alleys in the city, there was no walls but big old trees, that used to give a terrific feeling, and no one would dare to walk nearby at nightfall, because it was believed supernatural things happened in there.

Legend of the Devils Alley says that one day a guy had an idea to take advantage of the fear that people had of that alley. At night the man came running to the town's bar screaming and told everyone in there that he was walking in the alley, and was attacked by a strange and monstrous being, who asked for his money or a tribute.

The man said he gave everything he had to the creature so it wouldn't hurt him, and from the lips of the monster, came this threat:

"If the people from this town doesn't leave me gifts or jewelry as a tribute, I will kill everyone and drag them to Hell with me. All of the tribute should be left outside the alley at night".

A very brave man that was at that moment at the bar, decided that he would go and see this terrible creature himself. And the next night he went alone to the alley. The brave man started to walk inside the alley with confidence, but when he made it halfway, saw a black figure against a tree.

The man started to feel how the fear was taking over him, and felt his legs shaking, and that the earth under him started to open, so he ran back as fast as he could, screaming that the Devil appeared before him.

Some time passed by and one day 2 fishermen came to the town and decided to grab a drink at the bar, in there they heard the story of the Devils alley and how the tributes disappear the next morning, which made them think hat something fishy was going on, so they decided to check and do something about it.

That same night, the fishermen decided to go to the alley, but not without a plan. At dusk only one showed up at the entrance of the alley, and saw the dark figure, but when the shadow was about to start to speak, it couldn't, because behind it, there was a tall horrific monster.

The dark figure, was so scared for such beast, that he ran, feeling a burning sensation in it's behind, but was only a red hot firebrand that the horned monster had behind him, making the dark creature scream of pain.

The hairy horned figure was one of the fishermen, who took a costume made for themselves, and started laughing. The next night both fishermen went back to the alley to wait for the dark figure, but it never appear again in the alley.

There are a few more versions in what happened next, some say that when the fishermen told the people what happened. Everyone went to the house of the guy that started the story, but did not find him. Everything was clean in his home and even all the jewelry and money that they left at the alley was there.

Some believed he ran away after that scare and left everything behind, while others said that the Devil himself came for him and dragged him to hell, for using him as a way to get easy money.

Another shorter version says that there was a terrible guy living in that alley, who used to take money from the people that walked by, and even killed to take their money, or rape young girls that used to walk at night.

One morning, people found his body mutilated in the middle of the alley, and everyone started to say that the Devil came and killed him as punishment for his evil deeds.

In some cities it's believed that in that street, a group of people used to do witchcraft and invoke the devil, and that it's why the street it's know as the Devils Alley

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