The Earth making legend says that at the beginning of time, water covered everything, but still there was living creatures. Their home was above the rainbow, but everyone was crowded. "We need more room", the animals said. Also they always wanted to know what was under the waters, so they sent Water Beetle to look.

Earth Making

Water bug could not find solid footing, so he went down to the bottom and from there he brought a dab of mud, which magically spread out in the four sacred directions, becoming the land in which we live now.

When the Earth was done, Someone powerful, using cords, fastened the land to the sky ceiling. The Earth was flat, moist and soft. The animals wanted to live on it, so they sent birds down every day to check if the land was dry and strong enough to take their weight.

The birds came back, saying that it was still soft. Then the animals sent Grandfather Buzzard, who flew close over what its now Cherokee land, and noticed that in there the mud was harder. After all the flying around, Buzzard was tired and was flying close to the ground, so every time he flapped his wings down, he created a valley, and when he swept them up, a mountain was created.

The legend of the Earth making says that when the land was dry, the animals decided it was time for them to go down, but they could not see because there was no Moon or Sun. Someone then said, "Lets gran the Sun from up", and they did. Then they told the Sun, "Here is a road for you", pointing from East to West.

But now that they had light, they complained it was too hot, because Sun was really close to Earth, it even burned red poor crawfish, who had his back to the Sun, spoiling his meat forever, even now, people wont eat crawfish.

They asked to the Shamans to put the Sun on a higher place, but they pushed him only as high as a man, but still was hot. So they pushed him again, but not far enough, and they did it four more times, leaving the Sun as high as four men.

Then, the earth making legend says, Someone Powerful created plants, and told animals and plants to stay awake and watch for seven days and nights (this is a tradition still follow when young men prepare for a ceremony). But after one or two days, some animals felt asleep, only the Lion and Owl stayed awake for the seven days, this is why they have the gift to see in the dark.

The Pine, Cedar, Laurel and Holly were the only plants that stayed awake and as a reward, they stay always green, even in winter. After this, Someone Powerful created man and his sister. The man, using a fish, poke her sister, and told her to give birth, and she did after seven days. Then after another seven days she gave birth again. Someone Powerful noticed that humans number increased fats, so he arranged that women only had one baby per year.

Now, below this world, there is another one that is just like ours, except that when here is summer, down there is winter, this is why the Spring Water is warmer than the air in winter and cooler than the air in summer. To get there, go down a spring or water hole, but you will need the guide from the underworld people.

And this is the Legend from the Cherokee people about the Earth making.

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