The Easter egg origin, and its use during Easter, comes from way back in history. Eggs are regarded as a symbol of resurrection because they hold the seed of life within. The Egyptians and Greeks used to decorate eggs with different colors, and then eat them as part of their spring celebrations.

Easter Egg Orgi

Another old festivity that used eggs, is the Jewish Passover (also celebrated on spring), it was custom to offer as a sacrifice to the temple in Jerusalem a hard-boiled egg dipped in salt water. Also the Persians used to paint eggs during the Nowrooz (New Year) celebration on spring.

The tradition of decorate eggs remain as a part of the celebrations of Easter, but depending on which country and belief, the decoration of eggs had a different meaning. For example, in Greece the eggs were color crimson to honor the blood of Christ, while in the United States some people used to decorate hollow eggs with pictures of Christ or other religious designs.

Another use of the Easter eggs, is to play games, the most common is the egg hunt, where kids look around the house or garden for eggs that were laid by the Easter Bunny the night before. Some other games are:

On Switzerland, people play Zwcinzgerie, in this game kids challenge their parents to break and Easter egg with a coin, which is thrown from a reasonable distance, if the kids miss, they keep the coin, if the parents break the egg, they keep the egg and the coin.

Another game that is play on the United Stated and its very popular is the Easter Egg Roll ( A tradition that follows even the White House), people grab a long stick, then the eggs are line up in a row and each player should stand by an egg. on "Go", the players need to roll their own egg and head to the finish line.

Germany and Australia also have a game of their own, call Easter Egg Peck, on this game each kid grabs one decorated egg and face each other, then both tap the tips of the egg until one egg cracks, the winner is the one that has the unharmed egg.

Also from the Easter Egg origin, it has been a lot of traditions and myths related to them, that some got lost in time, here are a few of them:

  • In some countries was forbidden to eat eggs during Lent and were saved for Easter day.
  • In some districts of France, it was believed that if you did not eat eggs on Easter, you would be bitten by a snake.
  • During the medieval times in England, priests would bless eggs on Easter, which were then eaten by the churchgoers as a thank you for the resurrection of Christ.
  • Germans used to give green eggs as a gift on Holy Thursday.
  • In some places of Europe, people hung Easter eggs on trees, also they believed that if you kept an egg that was laid on Good Friday for one hundred years, the yolk would turn into diamond.

This is the Easter Egg Origin.

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