The Egyptian God Nun was considered the oldest of all beings, he was know also as Father of the Gods. Egyptians thought also of Nun as a demiurge, or a kind of instinctive movement toward consciousness.

Egyptian God Nu

The Egyptian God Nun was represented also as a frog-headed man, or as a bearded man who was part of the Ogdoad. Even tho there are any different versions of the creation myth, they all have one thing in common: Nun.

One version says that the only thing that existed was the water of Chaos and Nun, inside of this chaos lived four frog gods and four snake goddesses: Nun and Naunet, Heh and Hauhet, Amun and Amaunet and Kuk and Kauket.

Another myth says that everything came from the watery abyss, and even after the world was created, the water continued to exist, and that Nun existed above the stars as an abyss, that later formed the lowest depths of the underworld.

Another representation, is Nun as a male bearded figure, coming from within the watery abyss, aloft upon his hands is the manjet, or morning barque of Ra, the Sun God, who has the shape of a scarab-beetle.

The Egyptian God Nun is also consider the personification of the primeval ocean from which all life came. Another myth says that from Nun, Ra joined with the Sun God as Amun-Ra, rising up from the first piece of land, the primeval Benben.

Thanks to the generative powers of the Nun, he was also personified by a Goddess known as Mehet-Weret (The Great Flood), who gave birth to the creator Sun God. Egyptians also thought that because of these powers, Ra returned every night to the watery abyss, so he could be regenerated.

Nun was respected as a counselor, for this reason, Ra consulted him when people started to rebel against the Gods. Nun's advice was to send the Goddess Hathor down as a Lioness to punish humanity.

Another well know myths says that Ra's children, Shu and Tefnut went to explore the waters of Nun. After a long time, Ra got worried and he sent his Eye into the Chaos to find them. When the children returned, Ra wept and his tears became the first humans. After this incident, Nun became the children's protector from the Demon in his waters.

Also is believed that Nun was the one that gave the order to Nut to turned into a solar cow and carry Ra up into the sky, after the Sun God had grown old and wearied of life on Earth.

From the New Kingdom onward, Nun was shown as a fecundity figure, who gives the King the gift of water. Also was believed that the Nile was to flow from Nun's waters, for this reason, he played a part in the rituals involving the foundation of new temples.

The Egyptian God Nun didn't have any temple dedicated to worship him as a personified God, instead he was represented at the temples by sacred lakes, which symbolized the Chaotic waters.

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