The Egyptian myths talk about the Gods, and they try to explain the origin and behavior of the forces they represent. Also on the myths, Gods were represented by animals.

Egyptian Myths

As we know, myths talk mostly about deities and stories based on religion, so lets go and take a quick look to the Egyptian religion: Their religion was Polytheistic (they believed in multiple deities) and was centered on the Egyptian's interaction with the various deities and the forces of nature they represented.

They had various unique beliefs, for example, they thought that the Pharaoh was descend from the Gods and was the intermediary between the people and the Gods, also that he had a life force called Ba (spiritual characteristic that made unique each person), which allowed him to go with the Gods when he died.

It was also believed that the Pharaoh was the only with a Ba, but was found out later that Ba was extended to everyone. Beside Ba, there was another force that they believed humans had, called Ka. In life Ka was sustained by food and drinks, and that when people died, Ka would leave the body, unlike Ba, that gets attached to it.

To free Ba from the dead body, Egyptians used to perform rituals to release it (like the mummification) and join the Ka, which leads to another important aspect of the religion.

The Egyptians had a strong belief in the afterlife, and to ensure the survival of the human souls on the Underworld, they practiced funerary rituals.

Another belief that we find on their culture is that the Cosmos was inhabited by three beings: Gods, the spirits of dead humans, who lived on the Divine Realm and living humans.

Now lets talk about the Egyptian myths, they were metaphorical, that illustrate the God's actions and rules on nature, sometimes there are conflicting versions for the way the symbols are used to tell the myth.

The myths were rarely written in full, and the text had allusions to larger myths. Another characteristic its that most of the myths are based on hymns or prayers that describe actions or roles of deities, using hieroglyphics (symbolic imagery). Many deities had epithets that gives the idea that some Gods were greater than others.

The most important Gods on the Egyptian myths were Ra, the Sun God and Osiris, the Underworld Ruler. Some of the most known myths were the creation myths, the myths of Osiris and Isis and the journey of Ra through the Duat (Underworld).


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