The legend of the first butterflies say that there was upon a time in a village, an old woman used to have a beautiful flower garden by the shore of a lake. The fishermen from around the nearby villages were in love with her and used to come to her and exchange their fishes from flowers.

First Butterflies

Everyone in the village noticed something magical about her, because at night her house had a magical glow and once in a while some dwarfs were seen helping a beautiful young woman work in the garden. One day a young couple, very proud I must add, visited the village were the old woman lived, and while walking around, noticed the old woman's beautiful flower garden.

The couple decided to get inside the garden and grab some bouquets, when the old woman sees this, walks out of her house and ask the couple to leave, when they turn around to see who was talking to them, they make fun of her and ignore her. Then the old woman, insulted, touches the couple with her cane saying:

"Since you love beautiful things, you will live from now on as beautiful insects".

And that day was created the butterflies came to be, who always are found near beautiful flowers.

And this is how the Butterflies came to be.

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