The legend of the first garlic says that there was upon a time, a Maiden with beauty never seen before. When she was old enough, her mother arrange her wedding with the richest Datus in the village. So beautiful she was that she had a few men after her, and one of them murderer her fiance, who also was killed by the fiance's loyal slave.

First Garlic

When the Maiden knew about this deaths, sad and broken hearted ran to the very top of the Sacred Mountain, where she prayed on her knees to Bathala to take her with him,so her beauty would not be reason for any more deaths. Bathala listening to her prayers, decided to call her forth, and with a lightning, she was killed.

With pain in her soul, her mother buries her, watering the tomb of her beloved daughter with her tears. Then one day the Mother notices some grass-like plants growing on her daughter's grave. Trying to clean it, she pulls them out and realize that the seeds looked like her daughter's teeth. While she was admiring them, a voice out of nowhere said to her:

"Those are your daughter's teeth"

In her heart, the Mother knew it was Bathala giving her a memento to remind her of her daughter. The next day the Mother plants the seeds all over the land, in a way to spread the memory of her daughter.

And this is the Legend of the Garlic.

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