The First monkey legend from the Philippines says that a long time ago, a young girl lived in a forest who was an apprentice of the Goddess Of Weaving, who always looked over the young girl.

First Monke

One day the Goddess called the girl and ask her to make a dress made of cotton. The young girl had no idea in how to make this, and so the Goddess explain it to her: Clean the cotton, beat it, spin it, weave it into cloth, cut it and finally sew it.

What the Goddess didn't know it was that the girl was lazy and thought that making a dress was a lot of work. Believing it would be easier, she just took the leather cloth used to beat the cotton and wore it, plus also it would last longer than the cotton.

When the Goddess asked the girl to show her the dress, she got furious to find out what the girl didn't do what she was asked. As punishment the Goddess made the leather stick to the poor girl's skin and the beating stick became her tail.

And this is the Legend of the Monkey in the Philippines.

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