The Philippine legend of the first spider gives an explanation in how spiders are well know for various tings, for example, always climb high heights, or why they are usually weaving their webs pretty much everywhere.But how is that spiders began to start weaving webs?.

First Spide

The myths says that a long time ago, a young woman named Gamba was very good spinning threads to turn them into cloth, weaving it to create dresses. She would finish the dress in no time, always being of a stunning quality, and take more orders right away.

Gamba never stopped working and weaving, lots of nights she stayed awake working and weaving, to the point that even her mother was worry about her. Gamba was so absorbed with her weaving tools, that even seems that she worship them.

The myth of the first spider says that one day, Gamba went to town to get new threads, when her mother noticed that one of the curtains had a tear, and the mother realized that was the same curtain she asked Gamba to repair. Feeling that Gamba neglected her request, she took a needle and thread from her daughter to fix it herself.

When Gamba came back and saw what her mother did, she got really upset and confronted her mother, showing no respect at all. The mother was offended for this, and full of anger told Gamba:

"If all you care about is weaving, but not your own mother, be damned with an eternal life of weaving!"

As soon as her mother told her this, Gamba turned into a weaving insect, the mother, on the memory of her daughter, called the insect "Gagamba" (Spider in the vernacular).

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