In the beginning, the Fon creation myth says, there was nothing but Nzame. This god it's a whole divided in 3 parts: Nzame, Mebere and Nkwa. It was the part called Nzame that created the universe and the earth, bringing life to this creation.

Fon Creation Myt

While admiring the new creation, all three parts decided to create a ruler for Earth. So they created the elephant, the leopard and the monkey, but they were not good enough and something better should be created.

All three parts then created a new creature in their own image, and it was called Fam (Power), he was told to rule the Earth. Time went by, and Fam became arrogant, mistreating the animals and stopping worshiping Nzame. Nzme got enraged and brought forth thunder and lightning, destroying everything that was created, all but Fam who was promised immortality.

After all the destruction, all three parts of Nzame decided to renew Earth and try one more time. He applied a new layer to the planet, and in it a tree grew. This tree dropped seeds which grew into new trees. The leaves that felt from the trees into the water became fish, while the ones that touched the land became animals. The old burned parched earth still lies below the new layer, and if you dig good enough you might find it in the form of coal.

Nzame created a new man, naming him Sekume, but this man would die. Sekume then created a woman from a tree, and he called her Mbongwe. The new people were created using Gnoul (body) and Nissim (soul). Nissim it's the one that gives life to Gnoul, and when Gnoul dies, Nissim lives on forever.

And this is the Fon Creation Myth.

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