One day . the Ghost bride legend says, a man took a ride on a train, and when he took his seat, saw a woman in a sitting in the sit across of his, wearing what looked like an old fashioned wedding grown with white lace and in her hands, she was holding what looked like a white bundle

Ghost Brid

The man, trying to be polite said hello to the bride, but she didn't say anything, she just cradled the bundle in her hands while staring out the window. After some time passed by, the woman looked at the man and started to talk, but he could not hear anything of what she was saying. The she laughed soundlessly.

The man, confused, tried to ask her what she was saying, but again, she didn't do anything and started to look toward the window. Then all of a sudden she gripped the bundle in her hands really tight and silently screamed in horror before passing out in her seat, with the bundle still in her hands.

The man jumped out of his seat and ran to get some help, but when he came back with a staff member the woman disappear. He then described the woman to the staff member, who just started to chuckled, and then he explained to the man that probably he just saw the ghost bride of the train.

The staff member told the confused man that a long time ago, a couple of newlyweds was on their way to their honeymoon, when the new husband opened the window of the train to declare his love to his new wife, a loose wire of a passing train sliced his head, almost decapitating him, killing him in that moment.

When all the staffs members heard the screams of the new bride, they came to find that the woman was cradling his husband's head in her hands and the body was lying on the floor with the bride sitting in her husbands pool of blood.

They all say that the poor woman went crazy and spend the rest of her life in an asylum, where she cut her own head off.

And this is the Legend of the Ghost Bride In The Train.

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