The Goddess Gaia is the primordial Earth-Goddess in Greek religion, also on mythology she was a Titan and mother of various deities of the Greek Pantheon.

Goddess Gai

The myths says that Gaia was born, or arose from The Chaos and she brought forth Uranus (Sky) to cover her, Ourea (Hills) and Pontus (Deep of the Sea), but there are another versions that says that Gaia gave birth to Uranus, Ourea and Pontus through parthenogenesis (without the need of a partner).

Gaia and Uranus then procreated a lot of children, like the Cyclops, the Hecatonchires and the Titans, next is the list of all of them:


  • Arges
  • Brontes
  • Steropes


  • Briareus
  • Cottus
  • Gyes


  • Coeus
  • Crius
  • Cronus
  • Hyperion
  • Iapetus
  • Mnemosyne
  • Oceanus
  • Phoebe
  • Rhea
  • Tethys
  • Theia
  • Themis

One myth says that one day Uranus hid the Hecatonchires and Titans in Tartarus (lowest part of Earth, below Hares and the Titan brother of the Goddess Gaia), she was hurt and created a flint sickle made of adamantite and gather all of her brothers and told them to obey her.

After this, Gaia asked Cronus to help her with her revenge against Uranus, she told Cronus to take the flint sickle and castrate Uranus. Cronus waited until Uranus tried to have sex with Gaia, and when he got closer to her, Cronus struck him.

With Uranus' castration, sky and earth separated and from Uranus testicles Aphrodite was born and using the semen and blood from Uranus Gaia created:

  1. Gigantes
  2. Erinyes
  3. Meliae

Gaia did not stop procreating kids after Uranus was castrated, she got together and had intercourse with Pontus giving birth to the sea-gods:

  1. Ceto
  2. Eurybia
  3. Nereus
  4. Phorcys
  5. Thaumas

One of the most important actions of Gaia on Greek Mythology, is when she saved Zeus from being swallowed by Cronus when he was born. She told Rhea to wrap with clothes a stone, so Cronus would think it was Zeus.

Cronus wanted to eat Zeus and his siblings, because a prophecy said that one of his children would depose him. When Cronus ate the rock, Gaia took Zeus to Crete.

During the Titanomarchy, the Gods fought against Gaia and the Titans, Gaia then sent the Giants (Gigantes) to attack the Gods, but were defeated by Zeus. When the Titanomarchy was over, and the Gods won, Gaia having as partner to Tartarus, gave birth to:

  1. Campe (presumably)
  2. Echidna (but some people believed that its the son of Ceto and Phorcy)
  3. Typhon (Enemy of Zeus and Apollo)

Another myth says that Zeus, trying to hide Elara, one of his lovers from Hera, put her under the Earth (Gaia), for this, Elara's son, Thyos, is said to be son of Gaia as well.

Also it is found on some myths that the Goddess Gaia got pregnant with Erichtonius, when Hephaestus on one occasion tried to rape Athena, but she managed to vanished, making the semen of Hephaestus fall into the Earth, making Gaia pregnant. Another children of Gaia are:

  • Antaeus
  • Charybdis

  • ZEUS
  • Manes

  • Cecrops
  • Pheme
  • Python

The Goddess Gaia was represented during the old times as a woman half risen from Earth giving the baby Erychthonius to Athena, while other times she was reflected as a woman reclining upon the Earth surrounded by a host of infant Gods (The Capri).

It is believed that Gaia is the original deity of the Oracle at Delphi, but there are different versions saying that she gave her powers to Thermis, Poseidon or Apollo, being the last one the most popular deity behind the Oracle, taking the power himself when he killed Gaia's child, the Typhon.

Her sacred animals were the serpent, the lunar bull, pig and bees.

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