The Goddess Morrigan, in Irish mythology, is consider to be a Goddess. She is believed to be the Goddess of Death, Strife, Battle and Incarnation. She is associated with life and death, female energy, night, revenge, prophecy and magick.

Goddess Morriga

It's believed thats she was a triple Goddess, all of them sisters, called Badb, Macha and Nemain. Another names of the three sisters are Badh, Macha and Anand.

She has many names as a single person, but the most well know names are:

  • Black Raven
  • Goddess of Rivers, Lakes and Fresh Waters
  • Goddess of Waters
  • Great Queen
  • Lady of the Lake and Magick
  • Moon Goddess
  • Morgain
  • Morrigu
  • Patroness of Priestess and Witches
  • Phantom Queen
  • Queen of Fairies
  • The Morrigan

Her roles was to guide healers and mages on their initiation, and was also to prophesied the death of warriors during battles, for this reason, on the battlefield, she would appear in front of a warrior holding 2 spears, sometimes she would appear on a ford by a river, washing the owner of the clothes that was destined to die.

One of the Goddess Morrigan's characteristics that she is better know, is that she was a shape-shifter, one of her major forms was an old woman, wrapped in a cape of raven feathers, but she also took the shapes of a crow or banshee, usually to predict death, a falcon, a raven and a wolf.

Her first appearance in literature, is found in the Book of Isaiah, in this book she is described as a "monster in female form". Also in early texts is found that she comes from a cult call "The Mothers", this cult was know for expressing through battle and regeneration.

One of the many myths that are well know about Morrigan, is found in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, in the story, she falls in love with the warrior Cu Chulainn:

The Goddess Morrigan was in love with this warrior, and she tried to use her powers to draw Cu's inner strength. The first time she appeared to Cu Chulainn, she took the shape of a bull, and asked him to flee, but he didn't do it and keep going his way.

Again, she appeared to the warrior, but this time as an Eel, and tried to make him trip, to get more time and use her magic on him, but fail. And one more time she changed her shape, this time taking the form of a wolf, and scared the cattle to make him stop, failing.

Finally, she took the shape of an old woman, that was milking a cow,and it was that finally Cu Chuliann recognize her, and finally she gave the warrior three drinks of milk, making him stronger.

One day, Cu Chulainn, was riding his horse by the river, when he found Morrigan washing his armor, (which was consider a death omen). During the battle, Cu was wounded really bad, and when he was about to die, he tied himself on a stone to die in an upright position, and when a crow landed on his shoulder, everyone knew he died.

Some texts say that the Goddess Morrigan was one of the daughters of Ernimas, and that she was half-sister of Eire for their similarities (both are associate with fate and birth, and both were also shape-shifters). Another texts assumed that she was the partner of Dagda, leader of the Tuatha de Dannan.

The story of how Morrigan and Dagda met, says that he was on his way to see the Fomorian King, when she saw Morrigan, washing herself in the river Unius. They both look at each other eyes and felt in love, having sex at that place.

Once they were done, she told Dagda about the Fomorian's battle plans, even promised to bring forth the magicians of Ireland to help in the battle and defeat the King Indech. When the King died, Morrigan took two handfuls of the blood of his heart and kidneys of his valor, and deposit them in the Unius.

Another battles in which the Goddess Morrigan was of help, were against the Firbolgs at the First Battle of Magh Tuireadh and at the Second battle of Mag Tured, in which she fought by the side of the Tuatha de Danann warriors.

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