Goddess of Mount Makiling

by Son of makiling
(Sto Tomas Batangas Philippine)

Mount Makiling

Mount Makiling

Maria Makiling is the goddess of mount Makiling..Many people said that maria was very beautiful and very kind to her people who lived in her mountain.

Many said that Maria Makiling used to play with the animals in the mountain, but now Maria Makiling its gone. The elder said that she was hiding in the mountain because of the bad people who came in and steal her belongings like golden pots, and silver spoons and forks, killed her animal friends.

Now Mount Makiling is enchanted. Many hikers have gone missing, and accidents in the mountain like flash floods, sickness in the trees,vand if you are one of those me who did not respect the mountain and Maria's kingdom, maybe you will get got lost, or she will gave you an unknown disease. Many elders said that it was the revenge of the goddess of Mount Makiling.

Hope you like the legend of my favorite place THE ENCHANTED MOUNTAIN MT.MAKILING

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