Great Hill Cemetery is located on Cemetery Road 188 in Seymour Connecticut. It was open during the 18th century, it's still in use but sadly has not been take care of properly.

Great Hill Cemeter

A lot of people believes this cemetery is haunted, and even there are pictures on the internet with strange phenomenon. This graveyard is also known as "Hookman's Graveyard". No one knows exactly why, but there are a couple of urban legends that try to explain why.

One legend says that a long time ago, there was a caretaker, which last name was Hookman, and he was accused of a crime he didn't commit, and one day he hanged himself from a tree in the cemetery.

Another legend says that there was a caretaker that had a hook instead of a hand. People say that a boy stayed overnight in one occasion, and the next morning the kid was found dead, impaled by a hook hanging from a tree.

There is another well known legend about the Great Hill Cemetery: One night a couple was parked near the cemetery, when the guy heard noises outside and decided to go out to check it out. After some time the girl got worried since her boyfriend was not back yet, and decided to look for him, only to find him dead hanging from a hook on a tree.

People say also that a long time ago, there was a house behind the cemetery, and that the family that used to live there was murdered by the youngest son, killing himself after, and that at night you can see ghostly shadows walking around, and that those shadows are the family's spirits.

All of these legends had been around 1950, and even in these days, people that pass by have not only see the ghostly figures walking around, but also ghosts hanging from the trees, and even say that if you park near the cemetery at night, you will hear a scratching made by the caretaker's hook hand.

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