The Greek creation myth, it's one of the most know in all the world, and it goes like this:

Greek Creation Myt

In the beginning there was just darkness. The only thing in this void was Nyx, a bird with black wings. With the wind she laid a golden egg and for ages she sat upon this egg. After some time life began to stir in the egg and from it rose Eros, the God of Love.

One half of the egg's shell rose up and became the sky, while the other half became the earth. Eros named the sky Uranus and the earth Gaia, and Eros made them fall in love. Uranus and Gaia procreated various children, which then gave them grandchildren. Some of their children became afraid of the power of their children. Kronos, trying to protect himself, swallowed his children when they were infants. But his wife, Rhea, trying to protect the youngest of her children, Zeus, gave Kronos a rock wrapped in the baby's clothing, which he swallowed, believing was his son.

When Zeus reached manhood, her mother instructed him in how to trick his father to give up all of his brother and sisters. When Zeus accomplished this, all of the children started a war against their father. After lots of fights, Kronos' children won the war. Zeus became the leader, all of the children started to furnish Gaia with live and Uranus with stars.

When everything was done, Earth was missing two things: Man and animals, and this is where the Greek Creation Myth starts. Zeus then called forth his son Prometeus and Epimetheus, and ask them to go to Earth to create men and animals and give them each a gift.

Prometeus started to work on the men, creating them in the image of the Gods while Epimetheus worked on the animals. Epimetheus gave each animal one of the gifts. After Prometeus completed his work and when to his brother to see what gift to give man, but Epimetheus told him he had foolishly used all of the gifts.

Prometeus then decided to give fire to men as a gift, even though Gods were the only ones meant to have access to it. The next when the Sun God rode out in the world, Prometeus took some of the fire and brought it back to men, teaching them how to take care of it and then, left them.

The Greek creation myth says that when Zeus knew about Prometeus actions, he ordered that his son had to be chained to a mountain and for a vulture to peak his liver everyday for all eternity. And then he began to devise a punishment for mankind. Another of Zeus's son then created a beautiful woman called Pandora. Each God gave her a gift, Zeus present was curiosity and a box which he ordered her to never open. Then he gave Pandora as a wife to Epimetheus.

The life of Pandora as Epimetheus wife was very happy, except for her strong desire to open the box. She was sure that since all of the Gods and Goddesses gave her such wonderful gifts, this box would also be marvelous. And then, one day that Epimetheus was gone, she opened the box.

From the box came out all of the horrors that plague the world today (pain, sickness, envy, greed). Upon Pandora's scream, Epimetheus ran to his home and fastened the lift shut, but was too late since all of the horrors already escaped. Later that night they heard a voice coming form the box saying"

"Please let me out, I am Hope!"

Pandora and Epimetheus opened the box and released her, and she flew out into the world to give hope to humankind.

And this is the Greek Creation Myth.

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