The Greek God Hephaestus was the God of artisans, volcanoes, sculptures, fire, blacksmith and technology, along with Athena, he was the Protector of handicraft and arts.

Greek God Hephaestu

The Greek God Hephaestus was the son of Hera, who bore him alone as response when Zeus bore Athena alone. Another version says he was the son of Zeus and Hera, and that he was the one that crack open Zeus' head to let Athena out.

When he was born Hera threw him out of Olympus for being ugly and deformed, but another version believed that it was Zeus who threw him out when he was defending his mother from Zeus anger. The myth says that he landed on Lemnos, where he was cared of and was taught the craftsman skills by the Sintians.

As revenge to Hera for being thrown out by her, he gave her a magical throne, which did not let her leave when she sat on it. All the Gods asked him to return to Olympus, but he refused, finally Dionyssus got him drunk and brought him back on top of a mule.

The Greek God Hephaestus is the only one that was able to return to Olympus after an exile. It is believed that Hephaestus ask for one thing to let Hera go, Aphrodite as a wife, this was granted. But others believed that Zeus gave Aphrodite as wife to the ugly Hephaestus to prevent fights between the Gods, which desired her.

Aphrodite was not very happy with being the wife of such ugly God, so she had many lovers, one of them was the God of War, Ares. One day Helios told Hephaestus about this affair, and so Hephaestus planned something to take revenge on the unfaithful Gods.

In one of their many sexual encounters, the Greek God Hephaestus trapped Aphrodite and Ares using an invisible, very resistant net and dragged both Gods to Olympus, so all Gods could see them. Poseidon persuaded Hephaestus to free both Gods and gave him his word that he would make sure Ares would pay the adulterer's fine.

As almost every God in Olympus, Hephaestus had many lovers and procreated sons and daughters, some of them are listed next:

  1. With Aetna he fathered the Palici (Gods of Sicilian Geysers)
  2. Aglaea was the mother of his children Eucleia, Eupheme, Euthenia and Philophrosyne.
  3. Anticleia was another of his lovers, Periphetes was born from this relation.
  4. Cabeiro, a Nymph that used to live on the islands of Lemnos, gave birth to the two metal working Gods, known as the Cabeiri.
  5. Gaia was pregnant by mistake, when Hephaestus tried to rape Athena, but she was able to vanish, letting the God's sperm fall into the land, or Gaia, as was better known, she gave birth to Erichtonius.
  6. There are another children from the God, but no one knows who are the mothers, these children are: Ardalus, Cercyon, olenus, Palaemonius, Philottus, Pylius and Spinter.

Now, lets talk about his blacksmith skills, he was the workman of the Gods, his work its found through all of Greek Mythology. His workshop was located under a volcano, also it is told that Prometeus stole the fires that Hephaestus used for his work and gave it to mankind.

The Cyclops were the God's assistants, but they were not the only help he had, he also built Automatons, or hand maidens made of gold. Some examples of his work are:

  • Achilles' armor.
  • Aegis breastplate.
  • Agamemnon's staff.
  • The gridle of Aphrodite.
  • Artemis' bow and arrows.
  • Eros' bow and arrows.
  • Helio's chariot.
  • The bronze clappers used by Heracles.
  • Hermes' winged sandals and helmet.
  • Pelop's shoulders.

Hephaestus also created the thrones in the Palace of Olympus and created the gift that gods gave to man, the woman Pandora.

The center of the cult for Hephaestus was Lemnos, the symbols that were related to him are the smith's hammer, anvil and pair of tongs.

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