The Greek God Hermes is the God of Commerce and marketing, also was know for being the protector of the traders, travelers and injured athletes.

Greek God Hermes

Another duties that the Greek God Hermes had was to be the messenger pf the Gods and the Divine Herald, taking the souls of mortals down to the Underworld. He is also credited for the creation of the fire, wrestling and boxing.

Usually Hermes its always carrying a pouch, wearing a winged cap, the herald staff Kerykeion and his winged sandals. It was a tradition that before the travelers would make a trip, they should offer a sacrifice to this God, also it was believed that Hermes was the one that brought dreams to mortals.

Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia, he was born on Mount Cyliene in Arcada, on his first day of life he stole Apollo's cattle and hide it on a cave, and in there he created the music instrument Lyre using a tortoise's shell and intestines from a cow. When Apollo confronted Maia for the actions of her son and they both started to discuss, Hermes started to play the Lyre. Apollo then told them to keep the cattle in exchange of the lyre.

The Greek God Hermes also had a few affairs and offspring that are told on the Greek mythology, next its a small list of the most known lovers of Hermes:

  • With the Athenian priestess Aglarius, he fathered Eumolpus.
  • The Malian Princess Antianeira gave birth to Echion.
  • Antianeira, the Malian Princess was one of his lovers.
  • With Aphrodite, they fathered Hermaproditus, Eros the God of Love, and Tyche, the Goddess of Prosperity.
  • Carmentis the Nymph got pregnant by Hermes with Autlycus.
  • Hermes also had an affair with on of his priestess, Chrises.
  • Crocus was one more of Hermes' love and that is why when she died, the God turned her body into the flower Crocus.
  • It is believed that th God of Nature, Pan is one more of Hermes' son and he had as a mother the Nymph Dryope.
  • With Eupolomia, a Phithian Princess, the God fathered the Argonaut Herald Aethalides.
  • Cephalus was born from the affair that Hermes had with Herse.
  • Pandrossus, another Athenian priestess was a lover of him and gave birth to Ceryx.
  • Persephone, Queen of the Underworld had an affair with him.
  • Polymele, mother of Eudoros was also his lover.

The Greek God Hermes also played some small parts during some of the most loved Greek Myths, for example during the Iliad he was the one that helped King Priam of Troy to get inside the Greek camps so he could talk to Achilles so he could get back Hector's body.

During the Odyssey, Zeus asked Hermes to tell Calypso to release Odysseus, also Hermes protected him from the spells of Circe, bestowing upon him the plant Moly. In another story he gave his winged sandals to Perseus, so he could find the Gray Sisters, and with this find his way to the Nymphs of the North and they gave him Athena's shield and Zeus' sword, with these weapons he was able to kill Medusa.

Some other acts that Hermes did were that he changed the Mimyades into bats, he turned into stone the shepherd Battus because when he saw how Hermes was stealing Apollo's cattle, promised not to say a word to no one, but he did, he brought Pandora down to Earth when she was created and gave her a strong curiosity, and when he felt sorry for Pan because he never could get a hold if his love interest, the Nymph Echo, Hermes thaught Pan the trick of masturbation, so he could relieve his suffering, and Pan the taught it to the shepherds.

Hermes' center of cult was at Pheneos, the rooster and tortoise were sacred to him, and his flower was the Crocus.

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