The Greek Goddess Artemis was the protector of the woods, Lady of the wild things and the hunter of the Gods, also protectress of the youth. Zeus and Leto were her parents and Apollo was her twin brother.

Greek Goddess Artemi

Some myths about the Greek Goddess Artemis says that she was born in Mounth Cynthis in Delos (for this she was also known as Cynthia), because Hera forbade Leto to give birth on mainland or an island, but Leto found the floating island of Delos, where she gave birth. She was the first born and she helped her mother to give birth to Apollo.

There are not that many myths about Artemis' childhood, but the most known says that when she was three years old, she sat on Zeus' knee and asked him to grant her six wishes:

  1. Bow and arrows, and a tunic for her to hunt.
  2. 60 daughters of Okeanos, the Titan from the ocean water, all of them nine years old, for them to be on her choir.
  3. 20 amnisides nymphs to watch her dogs and bow while she rest.
  4. To rule in the mountains.
  5. To have the ability of help women with the pain of child birth.
  6. Always be a virgin.

Another version of how she got her huntress items says that she went to the isle of Lupara, the workplace of the God Hephaestus and the Cyclops to ask for bow and arrows. After she got them, she visited Pan, the God of the Forest, who gave her seven bitches and six dogs, with their help she went and captured six golden horned deers to pull her chariot.

On most of her myths, Artemis gets upset and looks for revenge when her huntress abilities are questioned or someone does something that she does not like, some examples of this are told next:

One day Artemis was taking a bath on Mountain Cithaeron, when the hunter Actaeon crossed his way with hers by mistake, the Goddess, full of rage turned Actaeon into a stag, being killed by his own dogs because they did not recognize him.

Orion is the only known hunter companion of Artemis, some believed that he was killed by Artemis herself because he was a better hunter, others that Gaia sent a scorpion, while others think that Apollo, being overprotective of his sister, trick Artemis into killing him.

When the Princess of Porkis, Chione told everyone that she was prettier than the Greek Goddess Artemis because she made Apollo and Hermes fall in love with her, the Goddess got mad and shot an arrow and killed her, but there is another version that says she was saved by the Gods that love her.

When Atlanta was abandon by her father, Artemis saved her by sending a female bear to nourish her, and asked the hunters to raise her. But when years passed by, and Atlanta's skills started to outshine Artemis', the Goddess sent a bear to kill her.

Another one who dared to mess with Artemis was Aura, the Goddess of Breezes, who claimed that she doubted about Artemis' virginity. As revenge, she asked Nemesis to help Dionysus to rape Aura. After the rape, Aura became crazy and a killer, to the point that when she gave birth to her twin babies, Aura ate one of them, while the other was saved by Artemis.

Now, there are different versions on Greek mythology about Adonis death, but there two myths that believed was the responsible:

  • Some believed that the Greek Goddess Artemis killed him for say to everyone that he was a better hunter than she was, and sent a wild boar to kill him.
  • The other version says that Adonis was Aphrodite's favorite, and since Aphrodite killed Hippolytus, Artemis' favorite, she killed Adonis in revenge.

One myth that talks about her bravery is when she and Hera were kidnapped by the Aloadae (Iphidemia and Poseidon's twins), who where very aggressive and great hunters, but they could not be killed unless they killed each other.

All the Gods were scared of them, but not Artemis, who turned herself into a dog and jumped in between the twins, who killed each other when they threw their spears trying to kill the dog.

In another myth, it is told that when the Queen of Thebes, Niobe boasted that she was better than Leto, because she gave birth to seven boys and seven girls, while Leto only had one of each.

These words made Artemis and Apollo mad, and as revenge Apollo killed six of the boys and Artemis six of the girls shooting arrows with poison. Niobe and the kids that survived were turned into stone by Artemis.

Lets not have a bad impression about the Greek Goddess Artemis, even tho most of her myths are about how she took revenge on the ones who dare to speak wrongfully about her or her family, there are some other myths that speak of her good actions:

After the river God Alpheus raped Arethusa, Artemis' attendant, the Goddess felt pity for her and saved her turning her into a spring in her temple located on Letrini.

In another myth, the King Oeneus called forth heroes to kill the Calydonian Boar. The HEro of Aetolia, Meleager, attended the call but was killed, Artemis felt sorry for the tears of his sister, that stop her suffering, she turn her into Guine fowl, that the Goddess loved.

The Greek Goddess Artemis also played a part on the Trojan war, she took the side of the Trojans, and during the journey of the Greeks to Troy, she stopped their journey becalming the sea. They were able to start the travel until an Oracle said that they could make Artemis happy with the sacrifice of Agamemnon's daughter, Iphigenia.

For the Greek Goddess Artemis, the deer, hunting dog and the stag were sacred animals for her. The Cypress was her tree and her symbols the golden bow and arrow, and the moon. Devos, Sparta and the Attica at Brauron were the cities that worshiped her the most.

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