Handiong was a very intrepid warrior from the Bikolan people, he is better know for bring peace and wipe out the monsters that plagued the land of Ibalon.


A long time ago, when the Bikol region was newly discovered,it was know as Ibalon, it was sent an expedition to create a village in the area, but not everything was as easy as they thought.

After the first expedition came back with news that the land was infested with monsters, a second expedition was sent, leaded by the warrior, so he could destroy all the monsters in the area.

The hero and his warriors fought thousands of battles to defeat all of the sea and land monsters and wild animals, such the crocodiles, monkeys and serpents.

There was only one monster that was able to survive Handiong's fury, Oriol (the serpent that could turn itself into a beautiful woman), whose voice could mesmerize people, and was so crafty that could escape a thousand bounds.

To save itself, Oriol formed an alliance with the warrior and together they destroyed more monsters, including the Salimaws (evil spirits of the mountains).

After the defeat of the Salimaws, Oriol felt in love with Handiong, and with his love, Oriol was able to vanish her serpent nature, and Ibalon became more prosper and richer... Until a new monster appeared.

Near the new village, there used to live a monster in the mountains, who prayed upon the work animals and the people, it's name was Rabut (A half man and half warlock that could turn people into stone), bringing chaos and fear to the people.

When the warrior knew about the presence of the monster, he decided to gather a group of brave warriors to go to the mountains and defeat Rabut. Sadly the warriors could not defeat it.

Luckily Banong, a good friend of our hero, volunteer to fight Rabut, with only a few men, he headed to the mountains and destroy it, using a magic sword.

Like we said before, thanks to this brave warrior, Ibalon had a long time of peace, but he also is credited with other things that helped Ibalon to rose to power and prosperity:

  • Built settlements.
  • Created cooking utensils and weaving loom.
  • Created equal laws for all (slaves and masters).
  • He buitl the first boat, which was used by his people to learn how to sail.
  • Implemented the plow, bolo, hoe and harrow.
  • Invented a variety of farming tools.
  • Taught people how to plant rout crops and rice, also a yielding of variety later know as Hinandyongan.
  • Teached a writting syllabary to his people, which was later wrote on stone.

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