He Won't Let You Out Alive

by Kristen
(Kansas City)

This story starts out like many of its kind: A newlywed couple finds a house they love for an unreal price and snatch it up greedily the first chance they get. A house in the middle of the woods, far from where screams can reach the public, far from anywhere at all.

About 20 years ago the Gardners had just been married, but had already decided that they wanted a family as soon as possible, so when looking for places to live, a larger house was on the top of the list. Conveniently, the couple found a cheap house with 30 acres in the country and they were thrilled. They packed up as soon as possible and moved into their new home.

That night while getting into bed the wife looked at one of the windows and saw that it had a huge break, about the size of a basketball, in it. She begged her husband to get it fixed; she swore she could see eyes staring at her. But he told her "Not to worry, we'll fix it later."

Sometime the next day, while the wife was working out in the garden, she saw fresh footprints that didn't belong to either her or her husband. She followed them and they led to the base of her window, right where the break was. She panicked and ran into the house to find her husband, and saw him sitting in a chair facing the TV. She called to him but he made no response, so she slowly faced him to find that his throat had been cut and standing around the corner was his killer: an escaped convict that had been living in the house previously as a hideout.

She ran as far as she could but fell, turned, and was stabbed to death in the woods a few yards from her house.

The police decided that the murderer had moved on, so they left their investigation to go elsewhere, and left the house empty...Or so they thought.

People here say that the convict still lives in the house, and that anyone who goes near it will only have a chance to run, but never make it out alive, for he can't have any witnesses. Not even the bravest of us will face that house.

So it sits there waiting to be destroyed by mother nature, and when it finally does fall don't be surprised to find that the convict may have moved on to a new home.

Let's just say, if you see a shadow move down the hall, or you see eyes watching you from outside you better leave because you have an intruder among you, and he won't let you out alive.

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Oct 07, 2015
He Won't Let You Out Alive NEW
by: Jacob

Once I had a scary dream which is like this story. In my dream there was a man who is living in a wooden house which is located into the firewood. The man has a chain saw. He cuts human belly by using his chainsaw and eat them. custom essay service

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