The Hermeticism creation myth says that God decided to create the elements after seeing the Cosmos and creating just one like it (our Cosmos) from its own constituent elements and souls. From there, God, being both male and female, holding the Word, gave birth to a second Nous, creator of the world.

Hermeticism Creation Myt

This second Nous created seven powers (often seen as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and the Moon) to travel in circles and govern destiny.

The Word then leaps forth from the materializing elements, which made them unintelligent. Nous then made the governors spin, and from their matter sprang forth creatures without speech. Earth then was separated from Water and the animals (other than man) were brought forth from the Earth.

The Supreme Nous then created Man, hermaphroditic, in his own image and handed over his creation. Man carefully observed the creation of his brother, the lesser Nous, and received his and his Father's authority over it all. Man then rose up above the sphere's paths to better view the creation, and then showed the form of God to Nature.

Nature fell in love with it, and Man, seeing a similar form to his own reflecting in the water fell in love with Nature and wished to dwell in it. Immediately Man became one with Natura and became a slave to its own limitations such as gender and sleep. Man thus became speechless(for it lost the Word) and became double, being mortal body but immortal in spirit, having authority of all subject to destiny.

And this is the Creation Myth based on the Hermeticism beliefs .

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