The legend of the Hitchhiker ghost says that on a Saturday night, a young man was driving back from a night out with his friends, when he noticed a girl dressed up with evening clothing on the side of the road beckoning him for a lift.

Hitchhiker Ghos

The young man stopped and called her with his arm to get in the car, and she did, but sat on the back seat. The guy started to drive and asked the girl: "What it's doing a girl alone at this time?". The girl replied:

"It's a long story, could you please take me home? My car broke down and I have been looking for help for a long time for a long time. I live up the road".

The guy smiled and said he would take her, after a while the girl pointed an old house and said that it was her home, the guy then pulled in front of the house, and when he turned around to ask the girl if it was ok to drop her off on that place,she was not in the car anymore.

The guy stayed there in surprise, thinking what could happen to the girl, but every explanation he found was scratched, the girl just vanished!. He decided to go and knock to the dorr of the house that the girl pointed. After some time an old man peeked out and asked the guy if he needed something. The young man started to explain: "On the road, a young girl asked me to bring her here and..."

"Yes I know", said the old man, "This happened several Saturdays before, the girl you saw, was my daughter. She was killed in a car accident on the same spot that you picked her up many years ago".

In some versions of the legend of the Hitchhiker Ghost, sometimes it leaves the girl leaves a scarf or another time in the back seat of the car. In another versions he sees the girl on a family portrait, wearing the same clothing she had when she was picked up.

In another version of the Hitchhiker ghost, the guy gives his coat to the girl to make her warm, and that she gives directions to the graveyard, not her house. When they got there the guys turns around to ask the girl if this was the right place, the girl was gone.

The guy decides to look for her inside the graveyard, and then he discovers the coat he lent to the girl draped on a tombstone of a young girl who died in a car accident some years ago.

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