A long time ago, the hookerman ghost legend says, there was an accident in the tracks of Budd Lake in NJ, these tracks were used by trains that used to carry coal and industrial fuel sources.

Hookerman Ghosty

One night, a man was giving maintenance to this track, but his hand, and shirt were stuck in them, while in the stuck hand had a lantern to help him to see in the pitch black night.

Then at that moment one train was heading his way, and the driver of this train didn't see the poor man struggling to set himself free, nor the lantern he was carrying, and the train kept rolling, taking with him the man's hand still holding the lantern. No need to say that the poor man died from lost blood, his body was found the next day.

Now, people in the are say that if you stand in the tracks in the middle of the night, around the time the man lost his hand, you will see a green lantern hanging above the tracks bobbing up and down. And that this light it's the same one that the man was carrying when he lost his hand.

And this is the Legend of The Hookerman in Budd Lake.

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