Here you will know how catch a leprechaun, if you are ready to look for a Leprechaun but have no idea how to do it, pay attention now.

How catch a Leprechau

First you should know that catch a Leprechaun its not an easy task, but the reward its big if you can accomplish it, they can grant you three wishes in exchange of their freedom, or take you to the place where they hide their "pot 'o' gold", or take you to the end of the rainbow, where you can find a crock of gold.

The first step its to find a Leprechaun, for this you need to be alert and have eyes and ears very open and listen for a hammering sounds that he does while he works on shoes. Once you found him follow the next steps in how to catch a Leprechaun:

  1. Keep eye and ears sharp, and try not to let yourself be outmaneuvered by him.
  2. Walk up closely behind him, and using both hands grab him.
  3. Always keep eye contact with him. He can't escape as long as you stare at him, if you turn the look away from him, even for a second, he will vanished.
  4. Ask him directly where is hidden his gold, by fairy law, he must tell you the truth. Preferably tell him to guide, again, always keep him in your sight.
  5. Be insistent, keep in mind he will use whatever he has in his power to escape, from sweet talk, mislead you or distract you, don't fall for any of these tricks.

Follow these tips,and hopefully you will be able to get his gold or the three wishes. Have fun in your quest in how catch a Leprechaun my friend.

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