Isis Goddess of Egypt was the first daughter of Geb (God of Earth) and Nut (Goddess of Overarching Sky) , sister of Set, Osiris and Nephthys. Isis was the Goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility, matron of nature. Also was consider friend of slaves, sinners and artisans, protector of the dead and Goddess of children whom all beginnings arose.

Isis Goddess

Nobody knows exactly about her origins, but its believed She came from the Nile Delta. Some of the first mentions about Isis are from the fifth dynasty, which says that she became one of the Ennead of the city of Heliopolis.

She is the only Goddess that was worshiped by all Egyptians alike. After Egypt was conquer by Alexander the Great, she was better known as "Queen of Heaven" and her cult spread over Africa, Asia, Britain, Gaul, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Greece.

Isis Goddess of Egypt, is portrayed as a woman wearing a long sheath dress with a headdress that has the hieroglyphic sign of a throne, sometimes she is holding a Sycamore Tree or Lotus, but when she was merged with Hathor, and formed the deity Isis-Hathor, her headdress was replaced by Hathor's (horn of a cow with the solar disk between them).

Another representations was the Goddess with the Pharaoh sitting on the throne she gave him, another one was her with her child Horus with a crown and a vulture. Occasionally she was also pictured as a kite flying over Osiris, or with Osiris's body on her lap while she uses her magic to bring him back to life.

Now lets talk about some of the myths about Isis, for example, Egyptians believed that from Isis's tears of sorrow for her dead husband, the Nile River flooded every year. Another important myth tells how she went in look of Osiris body:

One day Set, who always was jealous of his brother Osiris, he created a plan to kill him. One day Osiris came back from a journey, and Set organized a banquet to welcome him. On the middle of the party Set brought a beautiful decorated chest.

Set told all the guests to lie down in the chest, and whoever fit exactly, would win the chest. Everyone tried but could not fit, finally Set convinced Osiris. When Osiris was inside the chest, Set pushed out all the guests from the Hall and sealed the chest, becoming a coffin, and then he threw it into the Nile.

The coffin floated, reaching the city of Bilbos, landing close to a water spring, getting caught in the roots of a big tree, which grew and enclosed the coffin within its trunk. One day the King of Bilbos saw how beautiful the tree was, that he ordered it should be the central pillar of his new palace.

In the meantime Isis Goddess of Egypt was looking everywhere for the coffin, finally she found it at Bilbos, there she knew that the coffin was part of the tree located inside of the palace, so she decided to find a way to get inside of the palace.

Isis Goddess of magic took the form of an old woman and sat near the fresh water stream that was used by the Queen's maids to wash. When they saw the old woman, felt sorry for her and brought her to the palace and gave her food. In return Isis teach them to braid their hair.

The Queen noticed the new hairstyles, and she asked them about them, they told her about the old lady. When the Queen gave birth, she asked for a nurse and everyone thought about the old lady.

Isis, still with the form of the old lady, accepted the Queen's request under one condition, to stay with the baby alone during the night, the Queen agreed, Every night the maids noticed a twittering of a bird coming from the Great Hall, and they told the Queen.

One night the Queen decided to hid in the Great Hall, when she heard the bird, she emerged and saw her baby lying in the red hot coals of the fire and a swallow (Isis Goddess of the children, taking this form) flying over the baby, the Queen was scared and took the baby with her.

When Isis took her real form, told the Queen that she was a fool, because she was burning away the baby's mortality. Then Isis called the King, and both monarchs worshiped her and asked her what would want from them.

Isis replied that she wanted the tree that had the coffin with Osiris body, it was granted. Isis took the body back to Egypt and hid it in a swamp, guarding it with the help of Nephthys.

One day Set went hunting and found his brother's body, he got angry and tore it into fourteen pieces and spread them all over Egypt. Again, Isis went in search to find her husband's body. There are different versions on this part of the myth:

Some believed that when Isis found a body part, she would bury it, and a temple was founded there. Other versions says that she just buried Osiris head in Abydos, which became the most sacred site of Egypt. But the most known version says that Isis brought all the pieces together but one, the penis, because a fish swallowed it.

She created a penis using clay and gold. When she had all the pieces, Anubis helped her to embalmed Osiris, but to bring him back to life, she needed more power on her spells and only Ra was more powerful than she was

To get to know Ra's secret name and give more power to her spells, she created a snake using Ra's spit and clay. The serpent attacked Ra and only Isis knew how to cure him. She told Ra that she could help him to feel better only if he told her his secret name.

After she knew Ra's secret name, she had a central role on spells and rituals for protection and healing, better know as Isis Goddess of magic and healer. And also she was able to get pregnant by Osiris, giving birth to Horus in Khelmis, on the Nile Delta, making Set mad.

Isis Goddess of Egypt took her baby and hid from Set. She had tom face many dangers in order to protect Horus, she even healed the baby from a lethal scorpion sting. Isis protected Horus until he was old enough to face Set, becoming Egypt's pharaoh.

Another myths says that Nephthys wanted a baby, but Set didn't,so she decided to trick Set and she took the form of Isis (she was more attractive that Nephthys) to seduce him, but fail. Instead Osiris when saw Nephthys with Osiris body, he found her attractive and had intercourse, giving birth to Anubis.

After the birth of Anubis, Nephthys took again Isis form to make Osiris to father Anubis, because she was afraid of Set if he would find out, but didn't work. In a last attempt, Nephthys persuaded Isis to adopt Anubis, so Set would never find out the truth.

The symbols of Isis Goddess of magic, are the Tiet or Tyet (welfare or life), better known as Blood of Isis, or Knot of Isis, or Buckle of Isis, which was used as idea of eternal life or resurrection, usually used as funerary amulet. Another amulet was the Star Sopdet (Sirius) that meant the advent of a new year.

Nephthys and Isis also were found on coffins with wings outstretched, to protect the could of the dead people against evil. Her cult centers were at Behbeit El-Hagar in the Nile Delta and the Island of Philae. When Christianity started to spread, the Isis Goddess of Egypt worship ended.

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