The Legend of Jack Fox and the Leprechaun says that near the town of Dundalk, thousands of people used to visit Tobar Muire (Mary's well) on Imbolic Day (Irish festival that marks the beginning of spring), they believed that if they crept around nine times on their knees going west, they would have a good harvest.

Jack Fox And the LEprechaun

Jack Fox was one of those people, who after finishing this ritual, went back to his field with his scythe on his back. Then he heard like a cricket's chirrup, thought was nothing and when he was walking again, he heard the sound one more time, but now was like a tic-tac-too, tic-tac-too.

The sound began to draw Jack's attention, so he peeked over the hedge, but saw nothing, then walked a little more further and when he pushed the bushes to the side, he saw a little man sitting, shaping a shoe.

Jack knew that the little man was a Leprechaun, he remembered that to catch him, he should keep his eyes on him all the time. Laying his scythe down, got closer and said to the leprechaun: "God bless the work".

"Thank you" the leprechaun replied, later he added: "Would you like a sup?, It's a hot day". Jack knew that the leprechaun was tricking him to look to the other side, but he instead fixed the gaze on the leprechaun and asked him: "What are you drinking?".

"The best Gopse whiskey, the water of life", the leprechaun replied, "You should give me that glass over there and try it". But Jack Fox didn't move his eyes from the leprechaun. The leprechaun tried everything he could think of, that Jack's scythe was about to fall on his neck, the casthe behind was crumbling, but nothing worked.

"What is your name?" Jack asked. "The leprechaun replied "Night and day and far away".

"That is a weird name", Jack said. "So it's yours Jack Fox". This surprised Jack who asked how come the leprechaun knew his name. "Well I've been living on your farm longer than you", the leprechaun answered.

Then Jack ordered to the leprechaun to bring him to the end of the rainbow and to his gold. the leprechaun laughed, but Jack made an angry face, which got the leprechaun frightened, and then he agreed to take him to the gold, but told him the gold was not at the end of the rainbow.

Both made their way across streams until they got to a field covered in dandelions, while they were walking, both were practically stuck to each other. Finally the leprechaun pointed to one of the flowers and said: "The gold its under that flower, you must dig under it. Now I have to go, have to make a lots of shoes".

"Hold it!", Jack said, "Swear on your honor that the crock of gold its there". The leprechaun hold his hand on his chest and said: "I swear on my honor that it's there". Then Jack agreed to let him go, but he noticed a glint in his eye as the leprechaun was vanishing.

Jack did not have anything but a stocking on him, and used it to mark the flower which the leprechaun pointed, then he went home to get a spade. Once at home, told his wife what happened and that he will be rich, then he took the spade and went back to the field, just to find that on the field, all the flowers were covered with a sock exactly the same as the one he left.

Then a wind blew and jack thought he heard all the flowers laugh. Sad he went back home and told his wife the bad news: "At least I won't need socks for donkey years" , and bursted in laughter with his wife.

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